Reasons Why Memory Lamps Make Better Sympathy Gifts Than Flowers

Sympathy Gifts

Flower baskets, bouquets, and standing flower arrangements are some of the most popular condolence gifts anywhere. The universal appeal of flowers has made them a common token of choice for those who are mourning. However, not all who are grieving will fully appreciate flowers. Some people are allergic to the pollen found in flowering blooms. … Read More

Christian Sympathy Gift Suggestions for a Grieving Friend

Sympathy Gifts

One thoughtful way to express your condolences to a friend or colleague is through a Christian sympathy gift. If your friend subscribes to the Christian faith, s/he will definitely treasure a gift that reflects the teachings of the religion. The Christian Bible, furthermore, provides worthwhile verses on love, life, and death. When included in a … Read More

A Garden of Sympathy: The Beauty of Memorial Gift Trees

Grieving Resources

Sympathy gifts offer a unique and thoughtful way for you to express condolences. While cards, figurines, and memorial jewelry are common, memorial gift trees also make wonderful sympathy tokens. You may purchase one to commemorate a loved one or a pet right in your own garden. Or, you may choose to gift someone else with … Read More

Tips for Writing A Personalized Sympathy Card

Sympathy Tips

Writing a short message in your sympathy card is a thoughtful way to extend your condolences from the heart. While some sympathy cards are sold already with a printed message of love and prayers, you might want to add your own message to personalize the entire gesture. But, what exactly can you write as a … Read More