Sympathy Throws: Comfort and Style in One Sympathy Gift

Sympathy Gifts

Locating the appropriate sympathy gift can be tricky, and even more so when you’re trying to look for something practical, stylish, and comforting all at the same time. Thankfully, a throw blanket or a sympathy throw can be these three things all at once. Not only can they be practical sympathy gifts, given their use … Read More

How Poetry Aids in Healing a Bereaved Heart

Sympathy Tips

The verbal articulation of grief and sadness doesn’t always come easy to most people. Because bereavement is often a personal and lonely experience, a grieving individual may grapple with finding the exact words with which to describe his or her pain. This strange difficulty is often shared by consoling friends as well. Some people, when … Read More

Memorial Markers: How Are They Different from Memorial Stones?


Whether you’re trying to create a garden memorial or dedicating a place in memory of someone, memorial markers serve to commemorate the lost loved one in a visible, personalized way. But, what exactly are these markers, and how do they differ from memorial stones?  Is it possible to give these markers as practical sympathy gifts? … Read More

What to Do with Your Pet’s Remains After Death

Pet Loss

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most difficult things a pet parent has to deal with. But beyond the initial feelings of loss and bereavement, any pet parent also has to face several practical concerns. Perhaps the most important of these concerns is deciding what to do with the pet’s remains after death. … Read More

Veteran Memorial Gifts: How to Honor the Family’s Hero

Sympathy Tips

Every day, American soldiers risk their lives to preserve the safety, security, and liberty of the nation and its people. Unfortunately, not every soldier who braves the warfront goes back home to be reunited with loved ones. Many of them die while serving the country and preserving the rights of American people. If someone you … Read More

How Memorial Fountains Honor Our Beloved Dead

Sympathy Tips

Fountains have long served as attractions in open parks and tourist spots all over the world. Due to their stark and impressive beauty, as well as the calming effect and symbolic connotation of an upward stream of water, fountains are also being installed in honor of important individuals who have departed for the next life. … Read More