Three Reasons Why Wind Chimes Make Excellent Sympathy Gifts

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With sympathy gifts growing in popularity and preference, memorial wind chimes have also become a common token choice. Musical, easy-to-install, and culturally significant, wind chimes are popular as decorative items in any home. As a remembrance gift, you may choose to customize your wind chimes by adding a personalized message for your bereaved friend or … Read More

How Traveling Helps a Grieving Soul

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Traveling may seem like the last thing on anyone’s mind after a heartbreaking loss. It can require focus and a lot of physical effort. Clinical psychologists, however, praise the healing effects of traveling, especially for those whose loved ones have recently passed away. If you have a friend, relative, or immediate family member coping with … Read More

Sympathy Gift Suggestions for Kids

Sympathy Gifts

Children dealing with the loss of a family member, friend, or pet may find it difficult to articulate their feelings to adults. To them, death may be an incomprehensible concept. They may not be able to grasp the permanence of this kind of loss prior to attaining some level of maturity. This makes words of … Read More

How to Honor a Loved One with a Memorial Bench

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Memorial benches, especially those that honor an organization or valuable persons in a community, have been around for a long time. You may have stumbled upon one or several of these benches in your own local park or at a public park in some other town or city. A memorial bench, however, may also be installed … Read More

Tear Bottles: A Truly Memorable Sympathy Gift

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Tear bottles, also known as “tear catchers” or “lachrymatory bottles,” are blown glass bottles usually decorated with colorful enamel, pattern or gilding. These bottles were created to hold the tears of someone as they mourned. Tear bottles are symbols of sympathy, grief or deep emotional resonance, depending on the intention of the giver. The Fascinating … Read More

Sympathy Etiquette: How to Express Your Condolences to Your Boss

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Expressing your condolences is always hard, no matter who you are trying to comfort. It is especially difficult if that person is your boss. Differing power dynamics and workplace expectations make the navigation of sympathy etiquette in the work environment a very grey area. However, your boss is still human, and probably hurting. If you’d … Read More

Music Memory Boxes: How Music Helps a Grieving Soul

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Losing someone we love is truly a devastating experience. A grieving soul needs comfort and memories. Of the two, memories can be the more fleeting. As new memories come into our brain, the old ones get pushed back. Not to mention head injuries or dementia, which take away memories too soon. Losing our ability to … Read More