Sympathy gifts are the best way to express your regret for someone’s passing and your support for their loved ones. However, deciding what gift to offer can be difficult. You don’t want to hurt them even more, remind them of their loss, or seem out of line.

What gifts make the safest choice? The answer will obviously depend on who the receiver is and what your relationship with them is. We have five suggestions that will get you out of every situation, and they are quite affordable as well.

5 Sympathy Gifts That Will Send a Thoughtful Message in Every Situation

1. Angel Gifts

No matter the age and gender of the deceased, they were someone’s angel, so you cannot go wrong if you decide to send an angel figurine. You can choose the figurine based on the deceased’s age and gender. Some figurines are engraved with thoughtful messages, while others hold flowers, hearts, stars, or engraved plaques.

You’ll know you’ve found the right memorial angel when you see it.  It will tell the grieving family that you and their loved one are watching over them, praying for their comfort and well being. Every time they lay eyes on the memorial angel, they will think of you.

2. Memorial Trees or Flowers

When losing someone they love, people need ways to hang on to their memory, to feel that part of them will always be there. When you plant a tree in memory of loved ones, you’ve created a way for memories to live on.

Just imagine that, as the years go by, the tree of the flower will broom, add value to the corner where they are planted, and delight the senses of anyone seeing them. Since they are delivered boxed, the deceased’s loved one can plant them when they feel ready, wherever they want.

3. Gift Certificates

We’ve already explained why we think gift certificates make excellent sympathy gifts in a previous post. They let you send any message you consider appropriate, even better than gift cards. They offer you freedom of choice when it comes to their source, and they let the letter decide on what to spend them.

4. Memorial Jewelry

Wearing memorial jewelry in memory of a loved one is a comforting way to keep their memory close to your heart. It serves as a tangible reminder of the special bond you shared as you navigate the grieving process.

Wearing a remembrance necklace can be a moment-to-moment reminder of your loved one.

Memorial Jewelry: Necklace with Heart and Wings

5. Wind Chimes

They can hang them on their home porch or on their balcony. Every time the wind blows, the wind chimes will speak about their loved one as if announcing their return. While remembering the dead may seem a sad experience, the song of the wind has a certain charm, a touch of joy to it. It is a song for broken hearts, bound to help them heal and recover.

Offering one of the above gifts will help you feel better as well. You’ll know you did the right thing: you honored the deceased and expressed your regrets and support to their family. Your budget will not bear any significant consequences either since all the above suggestions are quite affordable.

To find out just how affordable, browse our sympathy gifts collection for some of the most thoughtful angel gifts, memorial trees and flowers, memorial boxes, wind chimes, and more. If you cannot settle for a particular gift, sending a gift certificate could be your way out of trouble. At The Comfort Company, we’re here to help you and anyone grieving find comfort.

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