Christmas is one of the most difficult periods for those who have lost a loved one, and few things can make it better. Christmas memorials are among those things. In times when the family should be together, celebrating and sharing gifts, it is impossible not to miss the ones who are no longer with us.

What do we do about it and how do we help our other family members avoid letting grief ruin their Christmas? We make Christmas memorials part of our celebration, we open up and learn to move on. It will not be easy, but, with the love and respect you have for one another, it will work.

How Christmas Memorials Can Save Your Holidays

Pretending your loved one’s death never happened is not a good idea. Everything will remind you of them, and just when you should celebrating and having fun, grief will strike. So no hiding! Instead, acknowledge what happened and turn death into a celebration of your loved one’s life.

If you usually go to church during the holidays and you think your family members will appreciate it, you can organize a religious service. A friends and family gathering is the alternative. The idea is for everyone to get together and share things you remember about your deceased loved one: what you miss about them, what they liked, what they would have said, what you would say to them if they were next to you.

Light up a memorial lamp and keep it somewhere in your home, as a symbol of your loved one’s presence in your heart. It will add to the Christmas spirit and the atmosphere, and you will feel it’s sending your thoughts and love to the deceased.

The next step would be to offer or exchange Christmas memorial gifts. No, they should not replace the gifts you usually make to one another, but rather add a little something to them. It would be like your gift to the deceased, a way of keeping their memory alive and feeling them closer.

There are beautiful Memorial Ornaments pewter ornaments and photo ornaments that you can hang in the family tree, photo frames, and bookmarks you can use or offer to your loved ones. There are lovely angel figurines that you can place somewhere in sight to remind you all that your loved one is watching over you.

Most people feel guilty if they celebrate without their loved one. They fear they will forget what the holidays were like before the unfortunate event. These objects will help keep your loved one’s memory alive. Through them, your loved one will continue to exist and somehow be part of your holidays.

And to prove yourself and your loved ones that this is true, don’t hesitate to cook the foods the deceased loved or buy the things they would have bought. Serve the food during your festive dinner, donate the items to someone who would need them, and make it clear their purpose is to honor your loved one’s memory. The receivers will appreciate everything even more, and you will feel better.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Memorials and Why They Work

Pretending the bad never happened and hiding your emotions is never a good idea. Embracing them, living them is the key to accepting what happened and moving on. Your loved one would have wanted you to be happy, to enjoy Christmas the way they used to. You owe it to them to honor their wish and to help one another through the hard times.

As for the memorials, some of your family members will find more comfort during the religious service. Others will find relief in talking and telling stories about the deceased. Some will treasure the memorial lamp, while others will hand on to the Merry Christmas from Heaven ornaments. It does not matter how you do it, what matters is that you can and should.

We are here to help. Check out our collection of memorial lamps and Memorial Ornaments for Christmas, and you will surely find the Christmas memorials that will bring you and your loved ones comfort throughout this holiday season and for years to come!