Tips of Celebrating Christmas Without a Loved One


Christmas is one of the most difficult periods for those who have lost a loved one, and few things can make it better. Christmas memorials are among those things. In times when the family should be together, celebrating and sharing gifts, it is impossible not to miss the ones who are no longer with us. … Read More

5 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts You Cannot Go Wrong With

Sympathy Gifts

Sympathy gifts are the best way to express your regret for someone’s passing and your support for their loved ones. However, deciding what gift to offer can be difficult. You don’t want to hurt them even more, remind them of their loss, or seem out of line. What gifts make the safest choice? The answer … Read More

Gold or Sterling Silver? Choosing the Right Memorial Jewelry

Sympathy Gifts

Memorial jewelry is a great way to preserve a loved one’s memory alive after they are gone. It is also a thoughtful way to express your condolences and support to friends and family members who have lost someone they loved. Choosing the right memorial jewelry is a huge challenge, perhaps even tougher than buying jewelry … Read More

How to Properly Maintain a Memorial Garden Bench

Grieving Resources

A memorial garden bench is one of the few places where a deceased’s loved ones can grieve, find peace, remember their loved one, and feel closer to them. Being such a special, significant place, it cannot bear signs of degradation. However, time takes its toll on all objects, including memorial benches. To avoid or at … Read More

Qualities to Look for in a Sympathy Shawl or Comfort Shawl

Sympathy Gifts

Versatile and practical, shawls are among the most coveted staples whether for everyday wear, casual-chic getups, or for travel. There are certain kinds of shawls, however, which are not only designed as outfit accessories. A comfort shawl or sympathy shawl is created primarily to mimic the sensation of a warm and comforting human hug. This … Read More

Sympathy Gifts to Send in the Season of Thanksgiving

Sympathy Gifts

With the year almost drawing to a close, the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is also fast approaching. Specifically, the observance of Thanksgiving is meant to commemorate what has been a fruitful and blessed year. Families and friends gather together to pray, give thanks, and feast over home cooked platters of goodness. For bereaved … Read More

Memory Lamps: The History of the Stained Glass Lamp

Gift Recommendations

With sympathy gifts hugely considered to be good alternatives to the usual flower arrangements and sympathy cards, memory lamps or stained glass lamps have also become a popular gift choice. An enduring, classic design is the Tiffany style, which features a handcrafted technique and a lovely collage of soldered stained glass pieces. If you’re searching … Read More