Floral arrangements, along with sympathy cards, are typical sympathy tokens given to anyone or any family in grief. Although these floral arrangements may feature different varieties of flowers, roses are some of the most popular. This is due to a number of factors, including their traditional beauty, distinctive scent, and symbolic meaning.

There is one alternative, however, in giving rose bouquets or rose baskets as sympathy gifts. If you know that the recipient is into horticulture, you could gift them with rose plants instead. This way, you are giving them a unique remembrance gift, one that they could spend many worthwhile hours on while enjoying the outdoors.

Top Three Reasons Why Rose Plants are Better Gifts than Cut Roses

There are many reasons why you may prefer rose plants over cut roses, but I have narrowed down some of the biggest benefits into three: longevity, economic benefits, and discipline in gardening. 

  • Longevity

Cut roses can last only up to a week, or a few days more, with water. Without water, the blooms can wilt in a matter of hours. Cultivating a rose garden, however, can give you flowers that bloom continuously. 

  • Economic Benefits

Roses, due to their high demand and classic beauty, can be expensive. And if you factor in the fact that they can wilt without water in a matter of hours, they become even costlier. Planting roses can be more economical given the promise of flowering blooms across the seasons. 

  • Gardening Discipline

Some of the benefits in starting a rose garden while you move on from grief are the discipline and distraction it fosters. Being able to cultivate a thriving rose bed is no small accomplishment, the effect of which can be therapeutic. Working with plants in the outdoors can also offer a few lessons about survival, uncertainty, and the temporality of life itself.

Important Care Tips for a Rose Plot or Rose Garden

Although rose plants are known to thrive in any location, proper care is necessary to ensure correct growth and long-term health. Roses, ideally, should be planted in an area where they are able to get continuous sunlight. If possible, they should not be cultivated near shrubs or trees which may suck up important nutrients from the soil and organic matter.

The right soil also determines whether your rose bed will thrive or wilt. Well-drained soil is more recommended than soil of a more or less clay consistency. You can also add organic matter into an otherwise unhealthy soil to make it more appropriate for rose planting.

Inexperienced rose gardeners can benefit from ample research before starting. You can read books, visit shops that specialize in gardening and horticulture supplies, or consult with seasoned gardeners.

If you’re giving away rose plants as sympathy gifts, you may include a good resource on proper rose gardening and plant care. You may also offer some gardening assistance to your bereaved friend or colleague if you’re an experienced rose gardener yourself.

Planning to Give Rose Plants as Sympathy Gifts? Visit the Comfort Company to Pick the Right Funeral Roses

Now, you don’t need to leave your home or office just to be able to send rose plants to someone else. At the Comfort Company, you can choose from our array of sympathy rose plants and have these shipped directly to the recipient within the same business day.

With the benefits of gardening on a bereaved soul, it’s not difficult to see why rose plants are growing in popularity as a remembrance token.

Give someone the opportunity of growing their own roses today. A rose bed is a lovely addition to any outdoor memorial, whether located in a private property or in a public garden.

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