Sympathy cards are a great way for you to show love and empathy to grieving family and friends. However, how do you appropriately address sympathy cards? Will it be necessary, for instance, to include your colleague’s spouse in the address? Also, when is the right time to send out the cards?

 To Whom Should You Address Sympathy Cards?

If you are sending out a sympathy card to a colleague or friend, you may address the card to the friend, or if the friend has a spouse, both to the friend and his or her spouse. For example, you may address the sympathy card to Peter White, or to Peter and Mary White.

Perhaps you have lost a colleague and would like to send a sympathy card to his or her family.

You may address the card in the following manner: The family of Peter White.

If the deceased is an immediate family member, sympathy cards may no longer be necessary. You may also be grieving yourself. Although cards almost always express thoughtfulness, it may be better to show your sympathy in more practical ways. For example, you can be more physically present with your family during this time of mourning.

If the deceased is a relative or not an immediate family member, sending sympathy cards is okay and even encouraged. You may, for instance, address the card to your aunt and uncle, or to a cousin and his or her entire family.

 When is the Best Time to Send Sympathy Cards?

Ideally, you would want to send cards within weeks after the time of death, but you can still send them even after months, or up to a year. Perhaps you have not been updated as to the occurrence of the unfortunate event. Or, you may not know what to say to the grieving person or family immediately after the event. Regardless of your reasons, you can still send someone a sincere sympathy note even when you feel that it is already late.


A Little Gesture Could Go a Long Way

All pain and grief become easier over time. However, the road to healing can be difficult for many. Thoughtful gestures, such as the sending of sympathy cards, show your friends and relatives that you care. Properly addressing these sympathy cards, moreover, indicate that you have taken some effort and care in sending them. Here at The Comfort Company, we bring you our collection of artist-designed sympathy cards and sympathy notes. If you are looking for unique sympathy cards with comforting prose, check out our offerings here.

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