We’ve been selling our Cubby Comfort Bear for a number of years now to help comfort kids who are grieving and recently I decided that he needed a bigger mission than he has now!

We are creating a new Cubby Bear from the scratch and he will be reintroduced (hopefully by the end of the year).  His new tagline is: A bear to Care, A bear to Share.  Once he is brought to life, we will be donating a bear to a grieving child every time we sell a bear.  We’re pretty excited about this!

The new bear will have a silky handkerchief as well as a secret “cubby” where kids can store a special keepsake or memory of a loved one.

Right now, we are working with two manufacturers to create a prototype.  Once that is done, we’ll go into production.  The goal is to donate 500 bears by the end of 2017.  Imagine all the comfort that will bring  to kids who need it!

I’ll keep posting updates along the way.  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek into  the first prototype being created.   I can’t wait to see our vision of Cubby come to life!    

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