Losing someone is never easy, especially someone very close to us or if the death is sudden and unexpected. Trying to cope with that loss can leave you struggling to understand intense emotions and feelings of emptiness. During these times, it’s important to have a sanctuary.

The Importance of a Sanctuary

A sanctuary is somewhere you can retreat to be alone with your thoughts. Losses can bring about intense emotions and it is easy to become overwhelmed as you continue slugging through life. A sanctuary is a peaceful place that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of reality and just reflect. It’s important to work through your feelings in order to work towards accepting a loss and a sanctuary is your safe space to do just that.

Elements of a Good Grief Sanctuary

When you are looking for a sanctuary during grief you want a place that you can be alone with your thoughts. A place that is quiet and serene is always good, as it limits distractions and lets you truly think about your loss. Processing emotions during a time of grief is important for working through the grieving process, so a place that allows you to be contemplative is essential.

It’s also good to have a location that is nearby. A sanctuary does little good if you are struggling with reality and then have to drive five hours away to reach it. A secluded area of your backyard, a serene nearby park, and a portion of the local beach that isn’t popular with tourists are all great options for a sanctuary during your time of grief.

Another important element of a sanctuary is to feel a connection to your deceased loved one. Whether that connection comes from a photo tucked in your back pocket, driving your dad’s restored antique car, or by wearing a piece of memorial jewelry, it’s always nice to have a piece of your loved one near.

How to Incorporate the Deceased in Your Sanctuary

If you are looking for a way to incorporate your deceased loved one into your little sanctuary, there are many ways to do so. Of course, the way to do this depends on where your sanctuary is. If your sanctuary is a shady corner of your backyard, you have more options. You can plant a memorial tree and hope to one day take your children to bask under the shady branches as it grows. Another option is something along the lines of memorial windchimes that allow you to feel their presence as the wind ripples through the musical chimes. A memorial bench tucked under your deceased’s favorite backyard tree is also a great element. Benches or memorial plaques can even be personalized to make them even more meaningful.

If your sanctuary is on the bank of a local waterway or a nearby public park, though, your options will be more limited. One thing you can do is carry a photo of them. If you want a deeper connection, you can consider a piece of memorial jewelry. Some memorial pendant necklaces actually allow you to carry the ashes of your deceased loved one so you can truly keep them close to your heart as you reflect on your thoughts.

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