Memorial jewelry is a great way to preserve a loved one’s memory alive after they are gone. It is also a thoughtful way to express your condolences and support to friends and family members who have lost someone they loved. Choosing the right memorial jewelry is a huge challenge, perhaps even tougher than buying jewelry gifts for happy occasions.

You have to choose something flexible and comfortable to be easy to wear on a daily basis. It has to send the right message, be it grief, support, celebration of the past, or hopes for the future. Durability, color, and value matter as well but the eternal choice when it comes to memorial jewelry is between gold and sterling silver.

Each material has its strengths and weaknesses, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to weigh them carefully and choose according to their needs, budget, preferences, and expectations. Because we know how difficult putting your thoughts in order and making such decisions can be when you are grieving, we decided to help.

In the following lines, we will help you compare gold and sterling silver and choose the right memorial jewelry for your needs. Let’s start with the differences between the two materials, their strengths, weaknesses, and maintenance requirements.

Gold vs. Sterling Silver for Memorial Jewelry

1. Gold

It is a mix of gold and other metals. In its pure form, it has 24k. The karats measure the parts of gold in 24 parts of alloy. The most popular varieties are 10k (10 parts of gold per 24 parts of alloy), 14k (14 parts of gold per 24 parts of alloy), and 18k (18 parts of gold per 18 parts of alloy).

The other metals are the ones that give the color of the gold. Yellow gold contains copper and zinc and is the classic choice for all types of jewelry and, especially, wearers with warm skin tones. White gold contains aluminum and palladium and it is the more modern, versatile alternative. Gold jewelry is generally very sturdy but prone to scratches. It requires regular polishing.

Since all these attributes come for a price, gold memorial jewelry can be quite expensive. We recommend it to those with a considerable budget, who are trying to bring comfort to someone really special to them, or willing to invest in a precious and durable keepsake they can wear in the memory of their loved one all the time. It is an excellent choice for memorial tear jewelry and reunion heart jewelry.

2. Sterling Silver

It is the more affordable alternative. You’ll recognize it by the “0.925” marking, meaning that it is an alloy of 92% silver and 8% other metals. On its own, sterling silver is very soft, so other metals are added to it to increase its strength. It is more prone to scratches than gold and will need frequent polishing to return to its usual color.

Due to its affordable price and impressive flexibility, silver is the material of choice for many memorial jewelry designers. We recommend it for cremation ash jewelry, but also for eternal blessings jewelry, reunion heart jewelry, and memorial tear jewelry. With filigree inserts or thoughtful engravings, shaped like tears, flowers, or angel wings, sterling silver memorial jewelry is an excellent choice for sympathy gifts and keepsakes, for occasional and everyday wearing.

Gold and Sterling Silver Memorial Jewelry Beyond the Tag Price

When you buy memorial jewelry, you need to see past the material each piece is made of. If you’re buying it for yourself, you need to choose something that will help you relive your best moments with your deceased loved one. If you’re buying it for someone else, focus on something that will express your feelings and support while also matching their style.

Despite the general opinion, if you know where to look, you can find affordable gold memorial jewelry and incredibly durable and stylish sterling silver memorial jewelry. At the Comfort Company, we know the financial hardships losing a loved one brings about, so we do our best to ease the burden of anyone grieving or trying to bring consolation. Check out our memorial jewelry collection and see for yourself!

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