When someone loses a pet, it can feel like losing a member of the family. The furry ball of energy that woke them up in the morning with sloppy puppy kisses is gone. The friendly feline that would curl up on their lap on a rainy day and nap for hours is gone. The running partner, cuddle buddy, and world’s best co-pilot are gone and that realization can be extremely harrowing.

Pets bring so much life and joy into our lives and when one passes over the rainbow bridge we might not always know how to process it. Losing a pet can stimulate the same emotions of grief that arise when we lose a family member or friend. If you want to help a friend or family member grieving after losing a family pet, be sure not to trivialize their loss. It is a significant loss to them and their feelings are valid.

If you want to offer some more support, you can send them a pet sympathy gift. Choosing the right gift and knowing when to send it might seem daunting, but it really is the thought that counts. Regardless, this guide will walk you through what you need to know when buying a pet sympathy gift.

When to Send a Sympathy Gift

It’s customary to send a sympathy gift as quickly as possible after you learn about a death. If your friend mentions to you that their dog passed away a week ago, it would be acceptable to purchase a gift and send it in the immediate to near future. That being said, the grieving process is not usually short-lived, so a sympathy gift would likely be welcomed in the weeks or month after a loss.

Types of Sympathy Gifts

When considering what sympathy gift to buy, there are many options. Standard gifts, like sympathy flowers or a cuddly teddy bear for a child that lost a pet, are always an option. Other appropriate sympathy gifts are ornaments, memorial windchimes, memorial jewelry, picture frames and memorial trees. The important thing to consider is your relationship with the grieving party. More intimate gifts, like pet memorials, urns, or jewelry, are best reserved for those closest to you.

Memorial Gifts vs. Sympathy Gifts

Although there is a slight distinction, there is a difference between memorial gifts and sympathy gifts. Sympathy gifts are typically items that offer comfort and support after a loss. It can be a picture frame with comforting words, an ornament, flowers, or even just a sympathy card.

Memorial gifts, on the other hand, are gifts that celebrate the life of the deceased. These can be personalized plaques with the pet’s name and dates, memorial jewelry containing cremated ashes, or even a memorial tree or garden bench.

Where to Buy the Best Pet Sympathy Gifts

If you are looking for sympathy gifts for grieving pet owners, the best place to shop is The Comfort Company. Since the early 2000’s, The Comfort Company has been providing high-quality sympathy gifts for those wanting to provide comfort and support to grieving friends and family. When it comes to pet sympathy gifts, we have a wide selection of quality, affordable options. From pet memorial jewelry and pet memorial frames to pet garden memorials and memorial ornaments, The Comfort Company has the sympathy gift you need to help a loved one through a tough time. Plus, many of our options are customizable to add a more intimate touch.


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