Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing a spouse can be the most difficult of all. The emotions we feel are overwhelming and their absence can seem impossible to accept. Life after losing a spouse might even seem like it’s not worth living, but it is. Nothing will ever replace your spouse or bring them back, but working through our grief is possible.

It’s Okay to Cry and Express Emotions

The first thing to keep in mind if you lose your life partner is that it’s okay to cry. This is one of the most traumatic events you’ll hopefully ever experience in life, and it’s okay to express your emotions. In fact, it’s healthy for us to express feelings when someone close to us has passed away. We pledged to spend our entire life with this person until “death do us part,” but just because they’re gone, doesn’t mean that our feelings for them fade. It can actually be the opposite, with their absence intensifying our emotions.

Keeping all of these emotions and sadness pent up is not healthy. You need to allow yourself time to process grief. When you get memorial gifts for loss of a spouse, don’t keep your emotions contained. Crying is therapeutic and we can think of it as emotional first-aid. Losing a spouse is an extremely difficult time and your support group will understand that.

Seek Bereavement Counseling as a Means to Heal

Sometimes we cannot do it alone. Just as you relied on your spouse to help you through life, you might need to rely on someone else to help you through your grief. Seeking professional help to process a loss is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, admitting your vulnerabilities and working to address them is a sign of strength and should be admired.

We often think opening up about our feelings to a family member or trusted friend is a therapy session, but professional therapists can offer a deeper insight and understanding of our emotions. A bereavement counselor can guide you through the five stages of grief and help you work towards acceptance. Instead of ignoring our emotions and putting up a wall, delving into our feelings with the help of a therapist can guide us to a sense of peace and calm.

Keep Your Spouse Close to the Heart with Meaningful Memorial Jewelry

The absence of a spouse is one of the most difficult things to accept. There are no more clothes thrown next to the laundry basket, or cold feet pressed against your legs in bed. These little moments that irk us, now become something we miss. We long for morning talks over a cup of coffee and the small daily reminders that we’re loved.

While it’s important to work through the intense emotions we’re feeling, it’s natural for the feeling of loss to never fade away completely. That’s why some people turn to memorial jewelry because it allows us to keep part of our loved one near. You may receive loss of spouse sympathy gifts from friends and loved ones to offer support, but memorial jewelry can often provide a level of comfort that other memorial gifts for loss of husband or wives cannot.

Moving Forward into the Future

Perhaps the most difficult thing after losing a spouse is moving on. It often feels like a betrayal to our loved one to move on with life, but they always wanted the best for us in life, and that sentiment shouldn’t fade just because they’re gone. They would want the best for us, for us to live a happy, joyous life, even in their absence.

It’s difficult to imagine holidays, birthdays, weddings and the birth of grandchildren without your partner, but these are joyous occasions that should be vigorously celebrated. If your family had holiday traditions, it’s okay to keep them. If you always gathered the family at your house on Thanksgiving, stick with tradition. It might hurt when the annual toast that was once given by your spouse needs to be given by someone else, but family time is therapeutic and being surrounded by those who love you is the best remedy for a healing heart.

It’s also important to remember that we deserve love. After losing a spouse, a romantic relationship is the furthest thing from our minds. However, as time goes on and we heal, it might become a reality again. It’s okay to move on with someone else after losing a spouse. It’s not a betrayal for us to live our lives after someone has passed. In fact, they would be happy to know we are safe, loved and cared for in their absence. Remember that just because you’ve found someone special, it doesn’t mean that you forgot what you had and where you came from. A part of your heart will always belong to your deceased spouse, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for someone else.

Life is for living and your spouse would want you to be happy. Despite the intense emotions you are processing, remember that when you’re working through the loss of a spouse.


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