Memorial benches, especially those that honor an organization or valuable persons in a community, have been around for a long time. You may have stumbled upon one or several of these benches in your own local park or at a public park in some other town or city.

A memorial bench, however, may also be installed in memory of a specific loved one or given as a sympathy gift to a grieving friend or colleague. They may be donated to a public park or set up in a private memory garden where friends and family members can pay tribute to the life of a loved one who has passed away.

Where Do You Install a Memorial Bench?

There are two kinds of places from where to put up these kinds of benches — either in a private landscape or within a communal space.

If you have already put up a memory garden in your own property in honor of your loved one, adding a garden bench or several benches may be a good investment. Family members and friends can gather in the memory garden during death anniversaries and other special occasions. Benches also encourage family members to spend more time outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature.

More communities are also embracing the idea of installing memorial benches within local parks. By donating a bench, you are not only memorializing a loved one; you are also helping an entire community. Benches are able to provide a space where people can pause or rest, especially after long walks.

Some of these parks are the Discovery Park Campus in Arizona and the public park in Carroll City, Maryland. Memorial benches have also been put up in various public spaces, such as in school courtyards, public libraries, and even on beach walkways. In New York’s Central Park, at least 2,000 garden benches are actually in honor of someone, including deceased friends and family.

Adding a Personal Touch to a Memorial Bench

If you’re concerned with personalizing the gesture, you can do so in many ways. One of these is to include the name of the person on the bench itself. You may also include detailed engravings on the bench that symbolize the remembered loved one. For a loved one who used to keep birds, for example, you may include a hummingbird engraving on the surface of the bench.

Another way to personalize the gesture is to add a memorable quote. In one of the benches in Central Park for example, a dedication reads: “In life, there is only him for me and me for him.”

If you are giving away a memorial bench as a sympathy gift, it may be best to consult with the recipient first to make sure that you are dedicating the bench in the right way. There are

The Gift of Unique Memorial Benches to a Loved One or to the Community

The benefits of a memory bench can extend from the personal to the communal, providing restful places in public parks or places of healing where people can sit in peace and admire nature.

It may also be used to pay tribute to an organization, groups of individuals, or an individual who has made noteworthy contributions to a local community. As a sympathy gift, a memorial bench can honor the loved one of a friend or colleague in a meaningful yet practical way.

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