A memorial jewelry piece can be a poignant way to keep a lost loved one close by. Perhaps you have just acquired a memorable piece on your own or have received one as a sympathy gift. Whichever the case may be, taking care of your memorial jewelry is a must.

There are certain parts or components of your memorial jewelry, moreover, which are entirely different to that of a regular jewelry piece. This means necessitating a certain way of cleaning that keeps the jewelry in the best possible condition even after long years of daily use.

Keeping Your Memorial Jewelry in Pristine Condition: Some Helpful Tips

The following handy tips can be helpful in maintaining the quality and luster of your jewelry piece:

  1. Know the jewelry material. 

Different types of jewelry material require different ways of cleaning. Sterling silver items are prone to tarnishing and will, therefore, require the right polishing cloth and a cleaning solution. Gold-plated jewelry should be kept free from scratches through proper storage. Solid gold, on the other hand, is usually not prone to tarnishing. Proper cleaning may require a soft cloth or even just an old toothbrush. 

  1. Avoid the water for cremation jewelry. 

Cremation jewelry is a more specific type of memorial jewelry wherein there is a clandestine compartment for storing ashes. This is why submerging your cremation jewelry in water is a definite no-no. Not only will water possibly compromise the ashes, certain chemicals found in water may also contribute to premature tarnishing.

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals. 

Exposure to chemicals such as chlorine in swimming pools, cleaning materials, and detergents should be avoided as much as possible. While cleaning solutions are fine, these may not always bode well for gemstone-studded pieces. Damp cloth is better suited for gemstones such as rubies and topazes.

  1. Use polishing cloth or special solutions. 

Not all types of cloths are ideal for cleaning, however. Abrasive cloths can end up scratching gold or silver jewelry. It can also compromise the gleaming surface of gemstones. Polishing cloth, which is usually softer and contains fewer lint, is best.

If you must use special solutions, know which jewelry material you’re working with. While solutions can work with sterling silver, they are often not advised for rhodium-plated jewelry pieces. 

  1. Store the memorial jewelry properly. 

Proper storage of your memorial jewelry counts a lot. As much as possible, store your jewelry items separately. This will help avoid unnecessary scratches and surface damage. A creative way to store memorial jewelry is to use a clear case that also allows you to display the item in full view.

Is Professional Cleaning Necessary for Your Memorial Jewelry?

While professional cleaning is not strictly necessary, there may be reasons why choosing to go the professional route is better. It’s best to leave the cleaning and polishing to a professional, if you are unsure as to how to clean your memorial jewelry properly.

When gifting someone with memorial jewelry, you can also offer suggestions on how to get them cleaned correctly. You can make sure that your sympathy gift comes with helpful care instructions. Or, you may also include a cleaning cloth or a safe solution with which to clean the sympathy token effectively.

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Whether you’re picking memorial jewelry items for yourself or as a sympathy gift to someone else, it’s worth remembering how to keep them in good condition.

This way, you are able to get the best out of your meaningful jewelry even when you wear them day in and day out.

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