One of the most thoughtful sympathy gifts to give to a grieving friend or family member is a memorial tree. Essentially, these memorial trees are planted and cultivated in memory of a beloved who has already passed away. Some pet owners whose pets have passed on to the rainbow bridge may also plant memorial trees in commemoration of their cherished furry friends.

Nonetheless, choosing the right tree always requires special care. Certain types of trees do well and bloom across the seasons. However, there are specific species that showcase their beautiful foliage especially during the fall.

If you’re looking for suggestions on tree species which bloom profusely and wonderfully during the autumn months, continue reading this blog.

Memorial Tree Species to Plant for Beautiful Fall Foliage 

  • Ginkgo Tree

Also known as fossil tree or biloba tree, the ginkgo tree is one of the loveliest memorial trees to plant in a garden memorial. It is highly admired due to its towering height, wide spreading branches, and gorgeous foliage. In the autumn, the tree takes on a breathtaking yellow color. As the temperature drops, the leaves also tend to fall from the branches to the ground. Many landscapers prefer adding the gingko tree to gardens and parks for aesthetic and practical purposes. Due to the tree’s wide spreading branches, it can provide ample shade within any private or public space.

  • Northern Red Oak

The Northern Red Oak is widely celebrated for its beauty, hardy nature, and impressive stature. It is also a popular tree choice for amateur gardeners since it is relatively easier to plant than other species. During the fall season, this tree gives off a wonderful russet shade that eventually turns into vibrant red. The best location for the Northern Red Oak is to have it face the full sun for a minimum of six hours per day.

  • Sweetgum Memorial Tree

The sweetgum is a flowering tree that can live for more than a hundred years. It is characterized by its palm-like foliage, attractive hues that evolve as the seasons do, and green flowers sprouting in the summer months. During the fall season, the leaves turn into a combination of colors — red, yellow, and purple. The tree is also a favorite of birds and animals like doves and squirrels.

The Uniqueness of Memorial Trees as Sympathy Gifts

Without a doubt, trees make some of the most wonderful and distinctive of sympathy gifts. Their growth, year after year, symbolizes life and rebirth. While their leaves may shed during the colder seasons, they start to grow in time for spring and early fall. Many trees survive long years, which is another testament to their resilience and strength even when exposed to the elements.

The planting and cultivation of trees in a private garden, moreover, encourage longer hours spent outdoors. Whether you’re fond of gardening as a serious occupation or simply love to read under sweeping branches, trees count as an excellent addition to your garden. Memorial trees allow anyone to commune with nature and feel closer to their commemorated beloved at the same time.

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