A miscarriage can be one of the hardest things that a couple ever has to endure. The excitement of having a baby vanishes in an instant and they are left to deal with the painful reality of life without their precious little one.

When we know a loved one that is going through a miscarriage, we want to be there for them for them in whatever capacity possible. Lending a shoulder to cry on, helping out around the house, sending flowers and even sympathy gifts are all things that we can do to help our loved ones during this emotional time.

The difficulty of supporting them lies in the fear of saying and doing the wrong thing. However much we want to be there to support them, there is always worry that we will be offensive or set them back on their healing journey. Thankfully, there are some easy dos and don’ts when it comes to helping a loved one through the aftermath of a miscarriage.

What to Say and Do After a Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, there are appropriate things to say and then there are things that should be completely avoided. The first thing to remember is that it’s always best to say something because ignoring the loss can come off as indifference or not caring. That being said, never start a sentence addressing the miscarriage with “at least…” because that is not an empathetic response. Nothing can justify the loss of a baby and this is a statement that should never leave our mouths when speaking with someone after a miscarriage.

In addition to avoiding “at least” statements, you should never trivialize them based on the length of the pregnancy. Losing a baby at six weeks, sixteen weeks, or thirty weeks can all carry the same emotional pain. That is a child that they were just lost and you should validate their grief.

Instead, show your support by stating how sorry you are to hear about the loss. You can also try something along the lines of “It’s not your fault.” Many women beat themselves up wondering what they could have done to change the loss, but most times the loss is due to no fault of their own. These comforting words can really help.

When to Send Miscarriage Gifts

If you are going to send a miscarriage gift, ideally you should send it as soon as you hear about the loss. Those first days and weeks are going to be the most emotionally exhausting and sending a gift can help our loved ones feel a bit of relief and comfort during an extremely trying time. However, just being there for them can also provide the comfort and support necessary during that trying time. If you don’t get around to it, it is still okay to send a sympathy gift for miscarriage in the following month or two. The pain isn’t likely to go away during that time, but the support from others might.

What Are Appropriate Miscarriage Gifts

When it comes to miscarriage gifts, there are some sympathy gifts that are more fitting than others. Sympathy cards and flowers are always nice, but the emotional scars that form after a loss might need a more thoughtful gift to provide long-lasting support.

If you are looking for the perfect miscarriage gift, there are many appropriate options. Memorial trees are a great thought because grieving families can plant them and watch the tree grow over the years. Memorial markers or benches are also nice as they give parents something tangible to associate with their lost child.

If you are looking for something extremely touching, memorial jewelry is also a nice option. You can purchase a variety of options to fit the preferences of grieving parents and this gives them something to keep their loss close to the heart. Memorial windchimes are also a soothing way to provide comfort after a miscarriage.

No matter what sympathy gift for miscarriage that we choose, our loved ones will be thankful for the touching sentiment. If you are looking for the perfect sympathy gift for grieving parents, see what The Comfort Company has to offer.

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