Losing someone we love is truly a devastating experience. A grieving soul needs comfort and memories. Of the two, memories can be the more fleeting. As new memories come into our brain, the old ones get pushed back. Not to mention head injuries or dementia, which take away memories too soon. Losing our ability to remember what happened in the past is a scary prospect. Luckily, there are a few different ways to improve memory recall, one of which is through music.

A Brief History of Music & Memory

Music has been an important memory device for over thousands of years. Ancient epics, like Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey, were shared and passed down through the generations using chants and songs, usually in a poetic rhyme scheme. This oral tradition of sharing knowledge was all about memory being retained through song.

According to the BBC, the areas in the brain associated with memory, the frontal cortex and the hippocampus, intake a ton of information every minute. Retrieving specific memories from such a constant influx is difficult, but music helps unlock memories easier. Perhaps it is the rhythm and rhyme in most music which help the recall process. Not only are the memories recalled, but they are done so with extensive detail and emotion attached, as if the music had heightened the entire memory experience. The memories are sharper and more vivid, as if they’d just been lived yesterday.

Grieving Lost Memories

When we go through grief, we are experiencing the negative emotions, like sadness and depression, because we have lost someone or something important to us. We didn’t want it to happen, but it did. Nothing is more terrifying than realizing memories are now what you have in place of your loved one. Memories can be forgotten over time or lost due to trauma or a disease, like dementia. This makes our memories all the more precious.

How Music Memory Boxes Can Help

Music memory boxes have recently become popular because they combine music and memories to help you to remember that which may have been lost. Music memory boxes feature three main elements which can help you as you process your grief.

Quote/Passage: This element of text can be a comforting quote, daily remembrance or message in memory of the loved one. Seen every time you pass or open the box, these small words have the power to comfort steadily as time goes on.

Music: Music can help recall memories that you may not have realized you still have. It can also sooth stress and tension. Music boxes with their own music soon have you associating that song with the words or memory inscribed along the top of the box.

Inside Space: The inside of music memory boxes can be a space in which to place trinkets or items which help to preserve our memories. These items act as tiny memory prompts, reminding us of all the good memories we have.

Music memory boxes can be an excellent source of comfort in a time of grief. No one wants to lose a loved one. That certainly applies to our memories of them. Music has the power to help memory recall be a fuller experience, one completely laden with details and emotion. A music memory box can help.

The Comfort Company specializes in music memory boxes, available for personalization. If you are not sure about which option is best for you, please contact us after perusing our collection of memory and music boxes. We want to help you find the best option to provide comfort for you in this time of grief.

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