Going through the suffering and death of a loved one can be a spiritually challenging time for anyone. Even the most spiritually mature can fall victim to deep doubts and anxiety, going as far as questioning God for their suffering. And yet despite this, many still seek comfort and answers through their respective religious beliefs.

A unique way to show your love and empathy during this time of bereavement is to send sympathy gifts, in addition to sympathy cards. If you know a grieving friend to be a devout Christian or a colleague as a practicing Catholic, religious-themed sympathy gifts may be appropriate.

The Comfort of Organized Religion and Religious Faith

Many Christians seek comfort for their bereavement through communal prayer, Mass attendance, and scripture-reading, specifically on the story of Christ’s resurrection.

According to Christian belief, death is only the beginning of eternal life. To grieve as a Christian is to grieve temporarily and hopefully, sure in the belief that there is life after death.

Which Types of Religious Sympathy Gifts Can You Offer a Grieving Christian?

Although not everyone will take positively to remembrance tokens imbued with religious themes, a Christian or a Catholic will most likely appreciate such a gift-giving gesture.

If you personally know a bereaved friend or colleague to be appreciative of religious sympathy gifts, some helpful suggestions on what to give them are listed below:

 Angel-shaped figurines or lamps

In the Christian faith, angels are believed to be the ministering spirits of God. The Archangel Gabriel announced the conception of Christ to the Virgin Mary. Three days after the death of Christ, it was an angel that announced his resurrection to Mary Magdalene. Today, angel-themed figurines, lamps, and even jewelry are popular as religious sympathy gifts mainly due to their significance and meaning in the faith.

Memorial cross

The cross is another significant symbol in the Christian faith, especially when it comes to death and resurrection. To Christian believers, any form of suffering in this world is a cross that they must carry and endure. Nevertheless, it was the Holy Cross that brought Christ closer to his resurrected, eternal state. As sympathy gifts, the figure of the cross may be found in religious decorative items such as memorial frames, in jewelry, and garden memorials.

Musical wind chime

Another type of sympathy gift which you can offer a grieving Christian is a musical wind chime that plays spiritual tunes such as “Amazing Grace”. There are also non-musical wind chimes that feature spiritual wisdom such as quotes from the Bible. Some wind chimes feature secret compartments for holding a small amount of the dead loved one’s ashes. This remembrance token is ideal for the Christian who is open to the idea of cremation or in keeping the ashes in an urn at home.

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With the wide selection of religious-themed items you can offer as sympathy gifts, choosing one or a few that you can send to a bereaved friend or colleague should not be difficult.

A helpful tip in giving religious sympathy gifts is to know beforehand whether the recipient subscribes to a certain religious faith that does not discourage the display or wearing of religious items. Regardless of the size or simplicity of your gift, your thoughtful gesture can already mean a lot. You religious sympathy gift can clearly communicate your love and sympathy during an uncertain and spiritually challenging time.

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