Tips for Writing A Personalized Sympathy Card

Sympathy Tips

Writing a short message in your sympathy card is a thoughtful way to extend your condolences from the heart. While some sympathy cards are sold already with a printed message of love and prayers, you might want to add your own message to personalize the entire gesture. But, what exactly can you write as a … Read More

Addressing Sympathy Cards: Useful Etiquette Rules

Sympathy Gifts

Sympathy cards are a great way for you to show love and empathy to grieving family and friends. However, how do you appropriately address sympathy cards? Will it be necessary, for instance, to include your colleague’s spouse in the address? Also, when is the right time to send out the cards?  To Whom Should You … Read More

10 Ways Hypnosis for Grief and Loss Can Help You

Grieving Resources

Losing a loved one can be an extremely trying time. Experiencing overwhelming emotion and grief is only natural when you lose someone. You accept your sympathy gifts for friends and try to lean on your surviving loved ones, but sometimes the intense hurt is too much. The grief can be overwhelming and you find yourself … Read More