Few things are more joyous than bringing another life into the world. It’s an extremely exciting time and the expectant couple is over the moon. Unfortunately, when things do not go as planned the results can be devastating. When the people we know and love lose their baby, we often struggle with how to approach them. What do we say? How do we act? Should we bring it up? Truthfully, losing a baby is one of the hardest things for people to go through and is something that no one can adequately prepare for.

Knowing How to Act After Someone Loses Their Baby

Unfortunately, this type of loss is not rare and there is some point in our lives when we are likely to encounter it. When a close friend or relative of ours loses their baby, it’s difficult to know how to proceed. We understandably want to be there for them, but the last thing we want to do is upset them even more. It’s a constant struggle trying to decide the best way to act.

It’s important that you don’t avoid talking about the baby. This can be interpreted as if their child never existed. You can ask what happened, but if the bereaved couple doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t press them for answers.

You should also avoid saying things like, “I know how you feel,” “Just stay busy to take your mind off things,” or “You can always have another baby.” These comments are insensitive and the opposite of supportive. Bringing up other experiences of loss is not helpful either because it takes the focus off the family and their unique grief. You need to let the parents or parent focus on their own loss to begin processing it.

Showing Support for a Couple after They Lose a Baby is Important

So, what can we do to help a grieving couple? Truthfully, just being there and showing support is the best way to be there for grieving parents. This is the most difficult thing they will probably go through in their entire life and they need us to be loving and non-judgmental. Ask them what happened and be a good listener, if they want to talk.

You can also make arrangements and help around the house with chores. If you can think of a task that would be helpful, like cooking meals or shuttling other children around for them, offer to do it. They might turn you down, but the fact that you even offered will be appreciated.

Another way to show support is to send flowers or sympathy gifts for the grieving family. There are many options available and you can choose something unique to the family. For older siblings, there are even sympathy bears you can give to offer comfort and support during an emotional time. Even a simple condolence letter or card will let the grieving parents know that we are thinking of them during this stressful time.

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