tearFor those of you who are not familiar with my story, I began The Comfort Company out of my frustration at not being able to find just the right gift for a family member who had lost her dad. I went through the traditional options… a sympathy flower arrangement, a sympathy gift basket, you know, the typical ideas that normally come to mind.

But this was such a devastating loss and nothing that I could come up with seemed to be able to speak to her great loss. Ultimately I ended up sketching a pendant for her. I sculpted the sketch using a piece of green play-doh and took it to my local jewelers who had it cast into silver. I wrote a poem about how one day she would “treasure her tears of remembering”.

During the development of the pendant, I would share my story and all along the way people began to say, “I need one of those for my grandma… I need one of those to give to my neighbor…” etc. I decided to have some extras made and, well, here is where I ended up.

Unfortunately I ran into problems with the manufacturing and quality suffered. I tried three different manufacturers, but could not get the quality piece that I wanted. Ultimately I had to cease production and the pendant has been unavailable for 3 years.

But now it’s back and lovelier than ever before! I am just so excited to have this original design back. The quality is superb and I’m proud to have this unique sympathy gift available to you all. I know that if you choose to buy one for yourself or share one with someone you care about, you will be very pleased with the comfort that this Forget-Me-Not pendant will provide.


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