With sympathy gifts growing in popularity and preference, memorial wind chimes have also become a common token choice. Musical, easy-to-install, and culturally significant, wind chimes are popular as decorative items in any home. As a remembrance gift, you may choose to customize your wind chimes by adding a personalized message for your bereaved friend or colleague.

If you’re still contemplating whether or not to opt for a memorial wind chime as a sympathy gift, here are the reasons why it should be on your top list.

Top Three Benefits of Memorial Wind Chimes as Sympathy Gifts

Three of the most common reasons why you should consider giving away memorial wind chimes as sympathy tokens are:

  • Historical and cultural significance

The value of wind chimes dates back to the pre-historic times, especially in China and Japan where they were used to bring positive energy into temples and living spaces. Archeologists have also been able to dig up certain variations of prehistoric wind chimes across ancient Egypt and Greece. In ancient Buddhism, bells and chimes were employed as a call to prayer. Today, wind chimes are revered for their practical and aesthetic components. They produce music by harnessing the wind. More importantly, they carry with them a long tradition of spirituality and historical significance. When you gift someone with memorial wind chimes you are also, in a sense, gifting them with a historically-important remembrance token. 

  • Restorative and healing benefits

In the practice of traditional feng shui, which aims to redirect the flow of positive energy into a living space, wind chimes are employed to ward off and/or reverse negative energy. This, in turn, increases peace and harmony within any part of the home or property. Just like traditional wind chimes, memorial wind chimes can also encourage positive energy flow, especially within a home in grief. As the hanging chimes make a sound, listeners can pause, reflect in the present moment, and be at peace with life even after a devastating loss.

  • Decorative and practical purposes

Wind chimes can be decorative or practical, or both. With various styles, designs, and materials to choose from, you can easily spruce up a garden corner or a niche in your living space with wind chimes. From a practical standpoint, however, wind chimes may help predict weather shifts by the harnessing of sudden wind changes.

As a sympathy gift, memorial wind chimes can be placed indoors or outdoors. Ideally, they are placed in an outdoor area, such as a memory garden, to take advantage of wind force and direction. However, they can also be installed indoors within a remembrance niche or near an altar.

Choosing the Right Memorial Wind Chimes as Gifts

Wind chimes come in a selection of style construction and materials. What makes memorial wind chimes slightly different is that they are designed specifically to communicate your sympathy to the bereaved recipient. These chimes may be constructed using wood and aluminum, or they may be outfitted with spiritual details such as angels, flowers, or a cross. Additionally, they may carry an inscribed spiritual quote, such as a Biblical verse.

If you’re planning to personalize your gesture, you may do so by adding your own message of sympathy. There are sellers that allow gift givers to inscribe their own message into a part of the wind chime. And to ensure the timely delivery of the gift, you might also want to review the number of business days required to place and deliver your order.Expressing Your Sympathy and Comfort through Wind Chimes

Due to their traditional significance and modern popularity, wind chimes are one of the most unique sympathy gifts available. If you’re looking for alternatives to sending flowers and cards, memorial wind chimes are always a distinctive option.

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