Losing a loved one is a trying and emotional experience. It doesn’t matter if the loss is sudden or expected, nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming emotions that follow. Some days it can even feel as if the pain will never go away, that the burden is too heavy. No matter what you do, you still feel like you’re struggling through the bereavement process and unable to make sense of your emotions. Even though friends and family members offer comfort, support and sympathy gifts, sometimes it isn’t enough. We work through the stages of grief over time, but do you ever feel like there’s a hole in your heart that just won’t close up?

The simple, painful truth is that nothing can replace our loved one. No amount of sympathy cards, flowers or well wishes can ease the pain we feel when a loved one passes. We spend our lives creating memories and building strong bonds, which is why bereavement often feels like a never-ending struggle.

For many of us, memories just aren’t enough. Sometimes we need a tangible item to attach our memories of a loved one to. This item not only serves as a source of comfort but also a way to remember the wonderful memories that you shared with your loved one.

Keepsakes to Keep Them Next to Your Heart

Memorial jewelry is a great way to do keep the memories of a loved one close to your heart. Not only can you treasure your beautiful memorial jewelry for years to come, you can also make it personal to you and the bond that you shared with your loved one.

When you buy memorial jewelry for loss, you can use it to keep a photo close to your heart, add a lock of hair or a pinch of cremation ashes. Even just having a heart, angel or memorial tear pendant is enough to always keep you feeling connected to your lost loved one. Bereavement jewelry can provide the necessary comfort to find peace again.

Sharing Remembrance with Loved Ones

If you are suffering from the loss of a family member, you can also buy bereavement jewelry to comfort other surviving loved ones. Losing a parent, sibling or other relative can be an extremely emotional time for any family. Memorial jewelry for the family is a great way to stay connected as a family by always keeping your lost loved one close to your heart.  Imagine how comforted you’ll all feel wearing a pendant to celebrate the life of the amazing matriarch or patriarch of your family. Not only will it keep you connected as a family, it will also allow you to memorialize your lost loved one and keep them close.

Sympathy flowers and bereavement notes will fade with time, but a stunning piece of memorial jewelry can be treasured for a lifetime.

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