Sympathy gifts offer a unique and thoughtful way for you to express condolences. While cards, figurines, and memorial jewelry are common, memorial gift trees also make wonderful sympathy tokens.

You may purchase one to commemorate a loved one or a pet right in your own garden. Or, you may choose to gift someone else with these memorial gift trees. When you do so, you are also giving them a way to remember their loved one through ‘life’ itself. A living, thriving tree is something that they can take care of and remember their loved one by for a long time.

Reasons Why Memorial Gift Trees Make Thoughtful Sympathy Tokens

Some of the benefits in choosing a memorial gift tree as a sympathy gift are listed below:

  • Trees serve as meaningful memorials

A tree can be taken as a symbol of life, fertility, renewal, and strength. When placed next to a loved one’s final resting place, it can serve practical and aesthetic purposes. Memorial gift trees may also be planted in your own garden or backyard. It can be a reminder of the irreversible laws of nature, as well as the unforgettable life of the commemorated loved one.

  • Trees help the environment in many ways

Various organizations within communities and states do encourage the planting of memorial trees. This move is being done to help reforest a specific area within a community. Even the act of planting a tree in your backyard can help the environment significantly. When people are encouraged to plant trees, they are also helping to purify the air, provide a healthier habitat for animals, and even prevent risky flashfloods and landslides. 

  • Memorial gift trees are a great addition to a memorial garden

If you already have a memorial garden at home, you can add a memorial gift tree to complete its look or to provide shade during warmer months. Your grieving friend or family may also have a memorial garden already in place. Or, by gifting them with a tree, you are encouraging them to start a memory garden. With a memory garden, anyone can feel closer to a lost loved one while appreciating nature’s gifts and lessons. 

  • Memorial gift trees can honor a lost pet, too

Memorial gift trees are not just for humans who have passed away. They can also serve as living reminders of lost pets. Many people are able to gain comfort and healing through the planting of trees after losing a beloved pet at home.

Some Considerations in Choosing Memorial Gift Trees

Although planting a tree is an appealing way to commemorate a loved one who has passed away, a tree will still require ample care.

Prior to buying a memorial gift tree, consider the planting location first. If the tree is for someone else, make sure you have some idea as to their yard situation. Climate conditions are also important. A hardy tree variety can thrive well across different seasons. You may also suggest planting the tree in a reforestation area or in a public park. Some people prefer planting the tree along with the ashes of the loved one. In this case, it may be necessary to plant the tree on private property.

Give Someone the Gift of Life and Nature

When you gift a grieving friend with a memorial gift tree, you give them the chance to appreciate life and to help the natural environment as well.

The tree can serve as a living token of the loved one who has passed away. Or, it can serve as a wonderful reminder that to sustain nature is to sustain life itself.

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