One thoughtful way to express your condolences to a friend or colleague is through a Christian sympathy gift. If your friend subscribes to the Christian faith, s/he will definitely treasure a gift that reflects the teachings of the religion.

The Christian Bible, furthermore, provides worthwhile verses on love, life, and death. When included in a sympathy gift, these religious messages can offer sincere comfort and avenues of healing after a devastating loss.

Which Christian Sympathy Gift Should You Pick?

There are many religious sympathy tokens to choose from. Before choosing a gift, it helps to consider first the personality and possible preferences of the gift receiver.

  1. Religious memorial jewelry 

Memorial jewelry items make excellent sympathy gifts. If you’re buying Christian-themed memorial jewelry, there are plenty of designs to choose from. You may choose a cross pendant and necklace, angel earrings, or a beaded rosary bracelet. Since the Christian faith has many denominations, you may want to check first whether the recipient is a Catholic Christian, a Protestant, or an Orthodox. This will allow you to narrow your choices down according to your friend’s religious background. 

  1. Angel figurine

 Angel figurines are a wonderful reminder of the promise of Heaven and life after death. According to the Christian belief, angels are known to lead the soul into their peaceful resting place after death. You may choose a simple, porcelain-made figurine or an angel lamp that your friend can place by his or her bedside. If your friend has lost a baby, you may gift her with a cherub or cherubim figurine, as a symbol of child-like innocence and guardianship. 

  1. Memorial stone with Bible verse 

Not all memorial stones are designed to be religious. However, some memorial stones are engraved with Biblical verses that speak of faith, God’s everlasting love, and life after death. This Christian sympathy gift may also be engraved with the name of the deceased loved one. A memorial stone can be placed in a variety of locations, such as displayed on the wall or installed in an outdoor memory garden.

  1. Sympathy chime 

One unique Christian sympathy gift would be a wind chime that plays a Christian tune or one that has been customized to carry a religious message. These sympathy chimes may either be used indoors or outdoors.

Drawing Comfort and Strength from the Christian Faith

Christian sympathy gifts can serve as thoughtful tokens of your comfort and love during a period of loss. For your religious friend, these can also serve as symbols of his/her Christian faith. According to the Christian belief, death is not necessarily a final and meaningless end. It is a means towards rebirth or resurrection, as manifested by the death and the rising of Jesus Christ. To Christian believers, furthermore, all who pass away will be reunited with the Father in Heaven. Thus, sympathy gifts that contain Bible verses or angel figurines symbolizing the promise of heaven is likely to be appreciated by any Christian recipient.

Thoughtful Christian Sympathy Gift for a Friend or Colleague

Regardless of the kind of Christian sympathy gift you pick, your gesture will already go a long way. An important tip is to choose a sympathy gift shop that offers a variety of religious items as sympathy tokens.

The Comfort Company brings to the market a collection of Christian sympathy gifts such as garden memorial stones, jewelry, and others. If you want to search for the right sympathy gift for your Christian friend or colleague, check out our offerings here.

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