From the day they scurrying into your life pets quickly become part of the family. They fill holes in your life that you didn’t even know was there and it becomes impossible to imagine a life without them. Unfortunately, pets have a much shorter lifespan than they deserve and are often outlived by their owners.

Some people might not understand, but pets are a member of the family and losing one can be extremely difficult.  Do you know someone that recently lost a beloved pet? If so, you might be wondering just how to go about comforting them.

My friend’s dog just passed away. What should I do?

If you know someone whose dog just passed away, you should do your best to be supportive. To them, this loss can feel like a member of the family has passed and they will need comfort during this difficult time. Just think of the constant reminders they will face of their pet’s absence. Leashes hanging by the door, muddy footprints in the back hallway, and dog toys scattered throughout the house. Every day there are countless reminders that their beloved pet is no longer there.

During this extremely emotional time, the best thing you can do is be there for them. Give them a shoulder to cry on and listen to them as they express their sadness and grief.

Another way to show your support is to send a nice sympathy letter or sympathy gift. Something as simple as flowers or extravagant as jewelry can show the person that you are thinking of them and give them something tangible to remember their beloved canine companion.

What are the best dog sympathy gifts?

Sending a sympathy gift to the bereaved canine owner can be a thoughtful gesture. If you’re wondering what the best dog sympathy gifts are, it all depends on the person you are bestowing it upon. Pet memorial jewelry is one option. You can get stunning jewelry to help commemorate a beloved pet, but that isn’t always a good fit for all dog lovers. You can also get ornaments and other unique pet memorial gifts. Memorial frames for pets are another route you can go. These are a great way to memorialize a pet without becoming too sentimental and it’s casual enough that the owner can proudly display it year-round.

Can I send a memorial sympathy gift for the dog?

A pet memorial stone is certainly a touching tribute, but you should not buy this without first consenting the owner. These markers can have the pets name, dates, and even brief messages. Pet memorial stones can also be personalized and engraved with pictures of the pet. Since these pet memorial gifts are so personalized, you should speak with the owner first to make sure you have the proper information and take into account what the owner wants.

Where can I buy dog sympathy gifts?

There are many locations where you can buy dog sympathy gifts. However, if you want a wide selection to choose from so you can pick the perfect one, The Comfort Company is the place to look. At The Comfort Company, we have a wide selection of dog sympathy gifts that can even be personalized. Our gifts are both quality and affordable and can help you provide much-needed comfort and support during an emotional time.



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