A well-picked memorial jewelry item can be a unique way to remember someone you have loved and lost. It can also serve as a thoughtful sympathy token between friends or family members. From pendants and rings to bracelets and key chains, memorial jewelry choices are varied and mostly accessible.

Memorial jewelry is known by various other names, such as remembrance jewelry, sympathy jewelry, and cremation jewelry. As with most kinds of gifting efforts, however, picking the right remembrance jewelry requires careful consideration.

Before you choose a sympathy charm for yourself or for a friend, it helps to sit down and factor in a few essentials. After all, you will want any memorial jewelry to be cherished for a very long time.

 Helpful Tips in Picking Your Memorial Jewelry

Many, if not all, of the tips listed below are doable and practical. They are especially helpful if you have not experienced buying a piece of remembrance jewelry before. 

  1. Consider the wearer’s personality and lifestyle.

This is important. If the receiver/wearer is not comfortable with wearing a necklace, perhaps you can pick a ring or a bracelet instead? For friends who don’t like wearing any jewelry at all, you can gift them with a memorial keychain or wind chime as alternatives. 

  1. Identify the jewelry’s purpose.

Some types of memorial jewelry are meant to hold a minimal amount of the loved one’s cremated remains, lock of hair, or dried flowers from the funeral service. And yet, some people may not be comfortable with this. Before buying, always consider the purpose of the remembrance jewelry first.

  1. Pick the appropriate style.

A piece of jewelry can be crafted from gold, silver, nickel, gems, beads, and others. If possible, pick the material and style appropriate for the wearer. Some people are allergic to metals such as nickel, for instance. Also, religious jewelry may not be truly appreciated by receivers who don’t subscribe to organized religion. 

  1. Plan the best time to present the jewelry.

Bespoke, personalized items can take a longer time to finish than standard selections. If you wish to present the gift right after the burial or during a specific commemorative date, make sure you have allotted sufficient time for purchase, customization, and shipping.

Does Your Memorial Jewelry Have to Be Expensive?

Some types of jewelry can be expensive, and these are often for good reasons. Gold, for example, is more expensive and not prone to tarnishing. Polished silver is a less pricey alternative, but it can last a long time with proper cleaning and care. If you require a highly personalized item with an engraved text, this will definitely cost you more than just buying the standard jewelry items available.

This doesn’t mean, however, that good memorial jewelry has to be expensive. If possible, consider your budget, your preferences, or the style of the wearer. Then, you can start looking for something that is budget-friendly and evocative at the same time.

Honoring a Lost Loved One with Memorial Jewelry

Certainly, there are varied ways to commemorate the life of a loved one and the bond that remains even after death. The wearing of a piece of memorial jewelry is one of the most meaningful. Your friends and family will appreciate this sympathy token for years to come.


And if you are the wearer yourself, a piece of memorial jewelry allows you to bring the memory of your beloved with you, wherever in the world you may be.


The Comfort Company brings you a range of sympathy tokens and memorial jewelry to help honor a life and to heal from a difficult loss. If you are planning to gift someone with remembrance jewelry or to get one for yourself, check out our selections here.

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