A memory garden is a tribute that you can create in honor of a loved one that has passed away. Typically, a memory garden will incorporate foliage, garden furniture, personal mementos, and the feel of nature — the wide open skies and fresh air, included.

You can still create a memory garden even without a ‘green thumb’ or prior gardening experience. And even if it doesn’t turn out to be flawless, a remembrance garden remains to be a personal place for you to honor someone’s memory and to heal from your loss.

Creating a Memory Garden from the Ground Up

Planning and creating a remembrance garden can be easy. Follow the tips below to get started on your own nature-inspired garden memorial: 

  1. Choose a spot.

Ideally, pick a private, shaded spot where you can be alone comfortably. Choose a spot near a water source to make it easier for you to tend to your plants later on. Map out the area first before proceeding into your garden design. 

  1. Plan on paper first.

To avoid needless mistakes, sketch out your plans for the memory garden. Where will the flowers be located? What is the ideal space for the memorial stone? Does the garden face the sun or away from it? These initial sketches can help you visualize your future garden from the very start.

  1. Pick the foliage.

This is a matter of personal preference and seasonal requirements. If you want to keep your garden thriving for most of the year, some gardening knowledge will come in handy. You can plant perennials and seasonal plants, according to color, style, and characteristics Or, you can plant and grow your beloved’s favorite blooms right within the memory garden itself. 

  1. Add some decor and furniture.

To complete the look of your memory garden, add a few garden essentials such as a bench, a memorial stone, and outdoor lamps. You may even attach wind chimes on tree branches or install a fountain at the center of the garden.

What if I Don’t Have an Outdoor Space for a Memory Garden?

There are alternatives to an outdoor garden, especially if you are short on out-of-doors space. One substitute is for you to craft an indoor garden instead.

If you have extra space indoors, you can create a montage of flowering plants, hanging pots of vines, or even a row of herbs. Beside all these, you can put up a shelf with books, mementos of your lost loved one, and memorial frames and accents.

To bring the feel of the outdoors in, you may add some outdoor garden decors such as lamps or a bench. The important thing is for you to create a space, or even just a corner, from where you can feel closest with your beloved, with nature, and even with life itself.

Learning from Nature and Death: The Beauty of Memory Gardens

Although requiring regular maintenance and care, a remembrance garden is an eloquent way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has already left this world. It can also serve as a peaceful space for reflection and prayer. One of the most significant lessons from nature is how death is very much a part of life. This can be instrumental in helping anyone grieve, accept the loss, and heal from it.

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