Fountains have long served as attractions in open parks and tourist spots all over the world. Due to their stark and impressive beauty, as well as the calming effect and symbolic connotation of an upward stream of water, fountains are also being installed in honor of important individuals who have departed for the next life.

These days, memorial fountains are no longer limited to public parks, cemeteries, and universities. In honor of your departed loved one, you can install a memorial fountain right within your own private garden or donate one to a local public park.

Additionally, a memorial fountain can serve as a meaningful sympathy gift to a grieving friend or colleague. If you’re looking for something more substantial and symbolic than flowers or sympathy cards, a remembrance fountain can be your best choice.

The Role of Memorial Fountains in Commemoration

Long before memorial fountains have been made available as sympathy gift items, institutions have already been commemorating lost personalities through installed fountains.

One of the most famous of these fountains is the Diana Memorial Fountain, dedicated to Princess Diana of Wales. The public memorial, crafted from Cornish granite, was opened by The Queen herself on July 6, 2004.

Another memorial fountain can be found in the Huntington Campus of Marshall University in West Virginia. Reaching up to 13 feet, the fountain is an imposing structure that serves to memorialize the 75 individuals — football athletes, flight crew, and others — who have lost their lives to a fatal plane crash in 1970. According to the artist who created the fountain, Harry Bertoia, its rushing waters are symbolic of the force and the movement that is life itself. The upward movement of the water, moreover, signifies growth and even eternity.

Princess Diana’s memorial fountain shares this same symbolic significance. The design of the fountain itself is reflective of the Princess’ life, specifically of her openness towards others and the quality with which she has lived it.

With the waters’ sound and movement signifying life, energy, and continuity, fountains have become meaningful symbols of eternity and life after loss. Ordinary people are also putting up fountains in memory of a dearly beloved who has passed on from this life, whether in their own properties or in a more communal space.

A Memorial Fountain as Remembrance of a Lost Loved One

If you’re looking for a memorial fountain to install in your own garden, there are various options available online. As much as possible, choose a trusted seller who can explain the make, material, and components of the memorial fountain. If you’re gifting the fountain to someone else, it pays to know about shipping details in advance. Ideally, you would want your sympathy gift to arrive at a time when your bereaved friend or colleague is ready to start memorializing their deceased loved one.

Find Garden Memorial Fountains Here at the Comfort Company

A memorial fountain doesn’t have to be as expensive as the ones installed in honor of a famous personality or a famous princess. With just a few hundred dollars, you can put up a fountain in commemoration of a spouse, a partner, a child, or even a pet right in your own private space.

You may use the fountain as a focal point in your memory garden or you may seek permission to install the remembrance fountain within a community park.

If you’re looking for lovely memorial fountains to put up in your own garden, look no further. Here at the Comfort Company, we have cast-stone remembrance fountains engraved with intricate detailing and verses. These memorial fountains also make thoughtful and symbolic sympathy gifts. To learn more about our memorial fountains, view them here.

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