Pet lovers now have several ways to memorialize a lost pet, from wearing memorial jewelry to having their pet’s names tattooed on their skin. Another way, though, is to create a garden memorial right within the beloved pet’s resting place. A garden memorial may be embellished with flowering plants, a pet memorial stone, and even garden benches. For many people, the outdoors is an ideal place for a memorial, especially as it conjures up many happy moments of playtime under the sun.

Since the memorial stone is one of the focal points in a garden memorial, picking a good one is vital. Some crucial considerations when buying a pet loss stone are its material, shape, size, and customization features. These standards help you choose the right memorial stone, whether you’re buying one for yourself or as a sympathy gift to others.

Picking the Right Memorial Stone in Honor of a Beloved Pet

Some helpful considerations in buying a pet loss stone are the following:

  • Memorial stone material 

Memorial stones can come in an array of materials, whether real stone, concrete, marble, granite, or mixed materials. If you prefer a finished look, marble and granite may be for you. Real stone and concrete typically have a raw appeal that blends naturally within a garden setting. 

  • Pet loss stone design and shape 

In addition to differences in material, memorial stones can also come in various shapes. You may opt for the round shape or the irregular-shape common with most stones. There are also square or rectangular markers that are more formal or traditional. Some of the more fun designs come in the shape of a dog bone. 

  • Personalized details

Most types of memorial stones may be customized according to your preferences. In addition to adding the name of your pet, for example, you may also request for the engraving of significant dates, names, or even quotes.

  • Size and budget considerations

Some memorial stones can be huge and heavy. If you don’t prefer a stone that takes up too much garden space, choose a less bulky alternative. There are pet loss stones which look inconspicuous so as not to draw unwanted attention in any garden. In terms of cost, marble and granite markers are generally more expensive than stone or concrete.

Pet Loss Stones as Sympathy Gifts

Memorial stones can also serve as worthwhile sympathy gifts. To help ensure that you’re getting your friend or colleague something that they can really use, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Which material and shape would they prefer? Are there special words or a quote that they want engraved on the stone’s surface? Do they even plan to have a garden memorial for their pet? If not, then perhaps you can pick other types of sympathy gifts, such as a memorial frame or a cremation urn.

Choose from an Array of Pet Loss Stones at the Comfort Company

While there are many alternatives to creating a garden memorial and installing a memorial stone, doing so can create a lasting and respectable remembrance for your pet. A pet loss stone, while usually put up out-of-doors, may even be installed indoors within a small memorial niche or altar. This way, you can easily look back on the wonderful times you have shared with your pet, especially after they have already crossed the rainbow bridge.

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