When someone loses a spouse, it can be an extremely emotional and difficult time. Their person, their rock, their partner is no longer with them and that can cause intense feelings. If you know someone that has recently lost a spouse, your mind might be reeling with sympathy. It’s understandable to want to be there for your family member or friend but knowing what to do and say is not always easy. This is especially true if the person passed away young or the loss was completely unexpected.

Thankfully, there are things that you can do to provide comfort and support during this trying time. One of the best ways to offer support during a trying time is to be there for the grieving party. Lend them a shoulder and an open ear, offer to help with chores, shuttle the kids around for them as they plan the service. There are many ways to show you care.

Another way to offer comfort and support after someone loses a spouse is to send them a touching sympathy gift. From flowers and sympathy cards to sympathy gifts and memorial tributes, there are many different ways to express your condolences. This guide breaks down sympathy gifts for grieving spouses.

When to Send a Sympathy Card & What to Write in a Condolence Note

Traditionally, the best time to send a sympathy letter is immediately after you learn about a loss. If you hear that a coworker or best friend just lost their spouse, it’s common to send your card right away. However, when it comes to offering someone comfort and support, there is no such thing as “too late” for sympathy cards. If you find out a month after the fact, it’s still okay to send a card.

When writing a sympathy note, be sure to address it to the recipient. It’s important to remember to keep things short and sweet. Start out with some words of sympathy and follow it up with a nice statement or fond memory of the deceased. Follow that up with offer another statement of condolence and then sign your first and last name so the recipient knows who to thank for the thoughtful note.

Appropriate Condolence Gifts to Send

When you start looking into grieving spouse sympathy gifts to send someone, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many options and sometimes the intimacy of condolence gifts may outweigh your relationship with someone.

For example, it might not be appropriate to send a distant acquaintance a piece of memorial cremation jewelry after their husband passes away. For acquaintances and friends, something like a remembrance picture frame or ornament is a nice gesture if you want to send something beyond flowers and card.

If you are closer to someone, a more intimate gift would be appropriate. This can be a memorial tree to celebrate the life of their deceased spouse or some beautiful windchimes. Jewelry is also an option, but something like this would be best reserved for a close family member or best friend.

Memorial Gifts: Your Guide to Selecting the Right One

Memorial gifts are always an option for a close friend or relative after they lose a spouse. To select the right memorial gift, think about your friend or relatives likes. If they like jewelry, how about a piece of stunning memorial jewelry? If the grieving party is a nature lover, some memorial windchimes or a memorial tree might be a great option. For avid gardeners, a garden plaque commemorating the deceased’s life might be the best option.

Where to Find the Best Sympathy Gifts for Grieving Spouses

If you are looking for the best sympathy gifts for grieving spouses, look no further than The Comfort Company. For years, The Comfort Company has been providing a wide array of thoughtful sympathy gifts. Any sympathy gift you can think of, we will have it.

Founded back in 2000 by Renee Wood after interest in her unique memorial teardrop pendant grew, The Comfort Company has since expanded to include everything from sympathy teddy bears for children to stunning memorial jewelry. We take pride in our selection of sympathy gifts and offer options of only the highest quality.

At The Comfort Company, we also know that personalization can make a difference when it comes to condolence gifts. That is why many of our gifts are customizable, so you can make a touching tribute that will lend comfort and support during an extremely emotional time. For grieving spouses, we offer everything from memorial jewelry and windchimes to garden plaques and ornaments. Whatever you are looking for, we will have it.

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