Whether it’s your own child going through bereavement or the child of a close friend or colleague, the right sympathy gift can bring much-needed comfort at such a tender time.

During such a challenging period, moreover, children can be picky with who they open up to. The right sympathy gift can inspire openness and love especially if it comes from someone they trust in.

Not all types of sympathy tokens, however, can be considered kid-friendly. While scented candles and self-help books are good ideas for adult sympathy gifts, these may not necessarily gain a bereaved child’s keen appreciation.

To help you pick out a few kid-friendly sympathy tokens, we have compiled a short list below.

A List of Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts for Grieving Children

Although finding the right gift for bereaved children can be tricky, there are more than a few suggestions that can fit the occasion well.

  1. A huggable toy 

Most kids will need a security blanket as they go through something unfamiliar and overwhelming, such as the loss of a family member, a friend, or even a pet. A huggable toy can serve as their companion during the day and especially during the night. 

  1. A craft kit 

Huggable toys can be great for some kids, but others may need more challenging distractions. This is why a craft kit can come in handy as a kid-friendly sympathy token. Whether it’s a set of puzzles that they can use to build something or a kit that allows them to pursue a new hobby, this type of gift can be distracting in a helpful way.

  1. A journal or memory book 

Some older kids may need to jot down their feelings in a notebook or journal after losing someone or a beloved pet. You can help encourage this activity by gifting them with a journal. You can also help them create a memory book by encouraging them to paste some photos and other memorable items such as letters and notes in their journal. 

  1. An educational/illustrative book 

A child-friendly book can introduce the concepts of death, grief, and loss creatively and sensitively to any confused, bereaved child. Some helpful titles include A Bunch of Balloons by Dorothy Ferguson Wofford, The Dead Bird by Margaret Wise Brown, Sad Isn’t Bad by Michaelene Mundy, and I Miss You: A First Look at Death by Pat Thomas. 

Consulting the Adult in the Family: Is This Necessary?

If you’re planning to gift something to your own child but don’t know which gift is best, you may consult your spouse or an older child for possible suggestions. This can help you make a better choice when it comes to sympathy gifts.

If you’re gifting a friend’s or colleague’s child with something memorable, consulting with the parents can also be helpful. It’s possible that you may not know the child very well on a personal level. Any adult close to the child can assist you in making a thoughtful choice by way of a kid-friendly sympathy token.

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Children often process loss and grief differently than adults do. Some of them can be withdrawn while others can be more questioning.

When it comes to letting them know of your love and sympathy during a time of bereavement, it pays to be more careful in choosing your sympathy gift. If you’re unsure as to which gift item is best, you may consult with an adult such as the child’s parents or guardian or an older child such as a sibling.

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