With sympathy gifts hugely considered to be good alternatives to the usual flower arrangements and sympathy cards, memory lamps or stained glass lamps have also become a popular gift choice. An enduring, classic design is the Tiffany style, which features a handcrafted technique and a lovely collage of soldered stained glass pieces.

If you’re searching for a practical yet meaningful sympathy gift for someone you hold dear, memory lamps are a great choice. These lamps not only come in a variety of designs and styles; they also offer the symbol of light and hope during a time of loss and yearning.

The Memory Lamp Defined — Why They Make Meaningful Sympathy Gifts

As a sympathy gift, the memory lamp is both practical and poignant. Three of the biggest reasons why you would want to gift someone with a lamp are:

  1. Utility 

Lamps are used for a variety of purposes — to light up a room or a corner, to serve as reading illumination, or for meditation and prayer. One distinct feature of certain types of memory lamps is a secret bottom compartment for the loved one’s cremated remains (cremains). Whether you need a lighting accessory or a container for cremains, a memory lamp can serve both purposes.

  1. Interior aesthetics 

Memory lamps are also styled and designed in attractive ways. While the stained glass or Tiffany style is hugely popular, certain styles such as hand-blown glass and angel-themed lamps are also well-loved. A lamp can lend coziness or warmth to any room and can also complement a room’s existing furnishings effortlessly.

  1. Affordability

Finally, memory lamps are not expensive. Regardless of your budget, you can easily find a well-crafted lamp in the style and size you prefer. Those who are shopping on a budget can easily find memory lamp styles priced at $50 or less. For the more classic Tiffany styles, a little over $100 can already fetch you a stunning memory lamp as a sympathy gift.

The Rich History of Stained Glass and Stained Glass Lamps

The stained glass lamp or Tiffany lamp features a long and rich history.  Stained glass, which is both the glass material itself and the technique behind its craftsmanship, first became popular in ancient Egyptian civilization. This was evident with the artifacts unearthed from civilization sites and tombs. The Romans were also credited to the use of stained glass due to certain artifacts discovered in ancient sites.

Eventually, stained glass was installed on church buildings, specifically on walls and facades. Although popularly referred to as a decorative element, stained glass was used on churches as a way to visually narrate certain stories in the Bible.

During the Art Nouveau period towards the end of the 19th century, opalescent glass became popular. At around the same time, Louis Tiffany also developed his signature colored glass, which became known as the Tiffany glass or Tiffany lamps. The tradition of stained glass lamp making continues today with modern manufacturers putting forth their own spins to a much-loved classic.

Visit the Comfort Company to Find Memory Lamps Crafted Using Stained Glass

Due to their practical use and value as an interior space décor, memory lamps are popular as remembrance gifts. They can also replace a regular urn since some lamps are designed to carry a minimal amount of the loved one’s cremains within its bottom compartment.

Whether you’re looking for a stained glass lamp or a memory lamp that features a hand-blown style, the Comfort Company can help you make a worthwhile choice.

To select the memory lamp ideal for your next sympathy gift, visit us at the Comfort Company here.

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