Many children and teens go through various phases of their lives with their beloved pets beside them. Some kids treat their pets not merely as an exercise in responsibility. To them, pets are like siblings or family. This typically explains why losing a pet in childhood or early adolescence can be an absolutely crushing experience for anyone.

Nonetheless, your presence as an adult, willingness to answer questions, and the giving of well-meaning kid sympathy gifts can help any pet-bereft child cope better and, hopefully, move one from the loss.

Choosing the right sympathy gifts not only means offering your child something to help ease the pain. It can also be taken as a symbolic gesture that allows any grieving child to remember their lost furry friend with fondness and warmth for years to come.

Pet Loss Sympathy Gifts for Kids: A Few Suggestions

If you wish for your child to have something to remember his or her beloved pet by, here are a few suggestions as pet loss sympathy gifts. The appropriateness of the gifts may vary depending on the child’s age or level of maturity and interests.

  • A Writing Journal

A journal is great for early adolescent kids and adolescents who may want to write about their feelings of loss and grief. 

  • Pet Loss Jewelry

A handy, wearable piece of memorial jewelry can make any child feel connected with the lost pet anytime, anywhere.

  • Book/s on Pet Loss

Shared stories or fictional narratives about pets and death can serve as good starting points towards better clarity and understanding. 

  • A Garden Memorial

An outdoor memorial can provide a place for your child to visit often, whether in your own property or in a public park within the community.

Explaining Grief and Death to Kids: What You Can and Cannot Do

Because animals have shorter life spans than humans, it’s possible for a pet loss to be a child’s first encounter with death.

As much as possible, therefore, be honest with your explanation as to what happens during death or after it. You may tailor your explanations according to your specific religious beliefs,if you think this can be helpful. Or, you may add that all living beings will have to face their end one day. It’s also okay to express the idea of death as a mystery, something that can be confusing even for mature adults.

If possible, do away with vague explanations like the pet has simply been sleeping or has been put into deep sleep. This can possibly trigger a child’s fears of sleeping or confusion between nightly sleep and death.

Although you may be tempted to gift your child with another pet as a coping mechanism, make sure you have gone over this thoroughly. Your child may not be ready to move on from his/her grief yet. This may mean that they are not yet ready to take care of a new pet.

In the event that your child’s bereavement appears to be longer or more alarming than usual, don’t hesitate to seek professional counseling help.

Find the Best Kid Sympathy Gifts for Pet Loss from a Trusted Online Vendor

As parents, there are a few things you can do to help make the experience of loss and grief less devastating for your kids. The most important thing is to be present for your children especially during such a challenging period in their young lives.

Receiving the right pet loss sympathy gift can begin a period of healing and a sense of clarity. If you’re looking for meaningful pet loss sympathy gifts, check out the offerings at the Comfort Company. To know more about our kid sympathy gifts and pet loss sympathy tokens, click here.

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