If you have ever loved pets and lost them eternally, you would be familiar with the pain and grief the experience inevitably brings. Most people who keep pets treat them as family members and friends, more than just domesticated animals.

Not everyone, however, is a pet owner. This can make the expression of pet sympathy extremely difficult. And even if you do have pets and have lost them too, finding the right words of comfort to a mourning friend or colleague will always be a challenge.

Five Pet Sympathy Messages You Can Send to Someone Who Has Lost a Beloved Pet

Here’s a compilation of five of the most helpful statements you can include in your gesture of sympathy to a grieving pet owner:

1. Begin with your condolences.

A good way to begin your sympathy message is to say how sorry you are for your friend’s loss. This message will communicate to your friend that you take his/her loss seriously. As much as possible, however, avoid saying intrusive messages such as “I know how it feels like.” This pet sympathy statement may come off as patronizing and insensitive rather than comforting.

2. Offer availability and/or help.

If you have had prior knowledge of your friend’s advocacy on pets and animals, you may offer to make a donation to an existing organization in the name of your friend’s fur-child. You can also volunteer to help your friend with any activity concerning the lost pet, such as finding a good garden spot for a memorial or choosing the right pet cremation urn. Before diving into details, however, it is best to simply assure your friend of your time and willingness to help should s/he need it.

3. Mention a good memory about the pet.

One of the most comforting things you can speak of is your own memory or experience with your friend’s lost pet. Any mention of a happy memory will most like stir warm feelings of affection and love. You can also remind your friend that s/he had been a responsible and loving human being to his or her pet.

4. Mention the pet’s name.

If possible, avoid mentioning “dog” or “cat” in your spoken or written pet sympathy message. The pet, most likely, will have had a name. By speaking of the pet by his or her name, you will have already given comfort to your friend or colleague in a significant way.

5. Add a memorable quote.

To close your message, you may add a memorable quote, whether about pets, animals, relationships, or love. These quotes can bring a deeper dimension to your written note, making your entire message a heartfelt gesture of compassion and empathy.

How Can Pet Sympathy Gifts Help?

Thankfully, there are other, no less meaningful ways to offer your understanding and comfort to a mourning pet owner. Although expressing your condolences in words will never get old, you can also try giving pet sympathy gifts instead. These memorial gifts can communicate your sympathy more clearly and concretely. Some examples of pet sympathy tokens are jewelry, cremation urns, pet frames, and others.

Choosing the Pet Sympathy Gift that Speaks from Your Heart

With various pet remembrance gifts to choose from, it is best for you to take time to get to know the preferences of your friend, colleague, or family member.

This way, you end up not only giving them what you think is best for them. You are also gifting them with the pet sympathy token that they will be able to use and cherish as the years go by.

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