Flower baskets, bouquets, and standing flower arrangements are some of the most popular condolence gifts anywhere. The universal appeal of flowers has made them a common token of choice for those who are mourning.

However, not all who are grieving will fully appreciate flowers. Some people are allergic to the pollen found in flowering blooms. Oftentimes, too, a wake or funeral will already be filled to the brim with flowering arrangements. The last thing you would want, perhaps, is to bring more flowers when there are other sympathy gifts available.

If you’re looking for an alternative to flower bouquets as a sympathy token, a memory lamp may be a better choice.

The Lasting Benefits and Appeal of a Memory Lamp

Some of the reasons why memory lamps make better sympathy gifts than flowers are listed below:

  1. Practical use

A memory lamp has many practical uses. It may be used during the wake or the funeral service, or the recipient may bring it home with him/her. It may be placed on a bedside table and used as a regular lighting fixture. A lamp may also replace candles on a memorial niche at home. Some lamp designs contain a small bottom compartment where the cremains (cremated remains) of the departed loved may be kept discreetly. 

  1. Timeless appeal

A lamp will always be an appealing and practical gift choice, even across generations. A memory lamp in a timeless design may be placed anywhere in the home, from the bedroom to the living room. There are also lamps which may be installed in a memorial garden outdoors. 

  1. Symbolism of hope and the afterlife

In Christian belief, a lamp symbolizes light, hope, and the eternal life. This is one of the reasons why a memory lamp may serve as a meaningful Christian sympathy gift. The loss of a loved one will almost always be a dark and depressing experience for those who have been left behind. A lamp can serve as a symbol of light and strength during a gloomy and confusing time.

  1. Varied designs

These days, memory lamps come in a variety of styles. From the classic stand-up designs to angel lamps and stained glass varieties, the choices are many. There are also lamps that imitate the shape and look of lighted candles. Whichever design you choose, it is best to pick one that will be of practical use for many years to come.

Picking the Right Kind of Memory Lamp

With various types of memory lamps available, how do you pick the right one? Some considerations would be your existing timeline, budget, and what you perceive to be the gift receiver’s preferences.

If you’re planning to send your remembrance lamp on a specific date, make sure that you allow some time for purchasing and shipping. Condolence lamps don’t need to be expensive, but some — whether due to material, size, or design intricacy — can be pricier than others.

Also, it pays to learn more about the possible preferences of your recipient. Have you known whether the departed loved one will be buried or cremated? There are memory lamps that are in the shape of votive candles, ideal for evening prayers. There are also lamps that contain a small, discreet compartment for ashes.

Purchasing a Memory Lamp from a Reliable Sympathy Gift Shop

Now you don’t have to leave your desk just to be able to pick the right kind of memory lamp for a grieving friend or family member. By choosing to shop through a reputable online shop for sympathy gifts, you can pick your token without hassle. And with many designs to choose from, you’re sure to pick the remembrance lamp that suits your intended recipient best.

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