Photos can be an effective way for families to remember their lost loved ones. When placed in a beautiful memorial frame and displayed on an ideal niche, a photo can bring back happier times. According to some grief experts, being able to look at a lost loved one’s photos without pain or regret can be a sign that a person has already moved on.

If you’re looking for sympathy gift suggestions, framed gifts can be a great idea. You may frame a picture quote, a piece of visual art, or a close-up picture. More than just memorial frames, however, you can also gift photos which the bereaved family has not yet seen.

The following are some tips on how to surprise a bereaved individual or family with never-before-seen photos of their loved one.

Helpful Suggestions in Giving Memorial Frames or Photos as Sympathy Gifts

Perhaps the decedent was a long-time friend or colleague, and you have spent many working, traveling, and partying hours together. If you have photos of your friend or colleague during these joyful moments, giving them to his or her family as a remembrance gift will definitely be one loving and thoughtful gesture. Some helpful reminders are listed below:

  • Be considerate with photos you choose to share. 

Simply put, choose your photos well. Pick a photo that the family or spouse will want to remember the person by. Avoid pictures that can spark controversy, elicit questions, or open old wounds. If you have photos of the person in a foreign place in which s/he appears to look happy and serene, these pictures can be a good pick. You may also choose a candid photo of your subject in the workplace to let the family know how their loved one looked like when immersed in his/her work and passion.

  • Complement the photo/s with a nice, sturdy frame.

Frame the photo to make it display-ready. In the weeks following the funeral, the family may already be too busy to have the photo/s framed themselves. A good sturdy frame not only enhances the overall look of the picture; it also protects the photo from dust, moisture, and eventual warping. Frames are available in various styles, from hanging and stand frames to multi-photo or collage-style frames.

  • Find the best possible timing when sending your photo and/or framed gift. 

Although some would prefer giving sympathy gifts during or immediately after the funeral, there isn’t necessarily an ideal time for such a gesture. Sending someone a remembrance token a year later or on special occasions is still a positive gesture.

For your framed photo gift, you have the option to send it straightaway or to choose a specific occasion instead. If the decedent is a well-loved mother, why not send the gift during Mother’s Day instead? With Christmastime already around the corner, will it be better perhaps to make the framed token your Christmas gift?

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Framed gifts are a good option for those who are looking for easy-to-buy items with an option for customization. Due to their ability to evoke and preserve memories, photos will always be a vital element of everyday living. Photos are also a good way to honor loved ones who have already left this world, especially in making them known to the younger members of the family.

And in the event that the family is not too keen on displaying photos, you still have other options such as creating a photo collage or a picture scrapbook.

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