One of the most popular items meant to honor a deceased love one is memorial jewelry, which can also come in a more specific type: cremation ash jewelry.

Although both jewelry types are highly similar, they are often brought and worn for specifically different reasons. In this blog, we will identify the qualities that run parallel between memorial jewelry and cremation jewelry, and how the two can actually be disparate in design and purpose.

Memorial Jewelry and Cremation Ash Jewelry: The Similarities and Differences

What makes memorial jewelry and cremation ash jewelry similar to one another is that both are worn as jewelry or accessories. More specifically, these jewelry items are worn in remembrance of someone who has already passed away.

A huge difference, however, is that memorial jewelry may not strictly be designed to hold the cremains (or cremated remains) of a deceased loved one. It often comes in a variety of designs and may also be personalized with the engraved name of the decedent and a special date or quote. Other remembrance jewelry items are patterned with designs that symbolize hope and healing such as intertwined hearts, flying angels, or a thriving tree.

Cremation ash jewelry, on the other hand, is crafted to carry a small amount of the deceased’s cremains. While the concept may not be acceptable in some cultures and religions, it is a practice upheld by many individuals all over the world.

Often, the jewelry is designed in such a way that it holds a secret compartment, making the ashes inconspicuous to any observer. Other than cremains, the jewelry may also hold mementos such as hair, dried flowers, or soil from a special place.

Picking the Memorial Jewelry or Cremation Ash Jewelry for You or Someone Else

These remembrance jewelry items are a good way to honor someone and keep them close to you at all times. While cremation ash jewelry is a special choice, you can go for traditional remembrance jewelry if there isn’t any way for you to carry the cremains of your loved one. The types of jewelry are varied, from pendants and necklaces to rings and bracelets, so that picking one according to your liking won’t be difficult.

But, what if you’re planning to give a sympathy gift to a bereaved friend or colleague? How do you know which types of jewelry to choose? It will help for you to know their preferences first. Also, you may want to learn of specific funeral arrangements beforehand.

And, in the event that there will be a cremation, it helps for you to know if your friend or colleague will actually be comfortable with wearing cremation ash jewelry.

If not, then perhaps gifting them with memorial jewelry or any other type of sympathy gift may be best. If yes, then you can proceed to choosing the right design. Based on how you know them, do they prefer wearing rings or necklaces? Do they subscribe to any formal religion, so that giving them religious jewelry items is okay? Do they even wear jewelry at all?

Just like any other gift-giving gesture, a little research on the possible likes and dislikes of the receiver makes the act more thoughtful and personalized. Once you have the important details, making your choice will be easier.

 Remembrance Jewelry as Lovely Sympathy Gifts

Wearable, easy-to-keep, and widely available, memorial jewelry and cremation ash jewelry items are popular as sympathy gifts. And although it’s easy to confuse these two remembrance jewelry types, both can be picked for varied purposes.

In addition to sending over these jewelry designs as sympathy tokens, you may also include a sympathy card into your gift-giving gesture. This way, you can include a personalized message of condolences or even a quote or poem about grieving and healing.

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