Versatile and practical, shawls are among the most coveted staples whether for everyday wear, casual-chic getups, or for travel. There are certain kinds of shawls, however, which are not only designed as outfit accessories. A comfort shawl or sympathy shawl is created primarily to mimic the sensation of a warm and comforting human hug. This kind of shawl can be worn when lounging in bed, in a plane en route to somewhere, or anytime one desires to be comforted in a physical sense.

When shopping for shawls as sympathy gifts, it pays to look at several characteristics first. Some of the qualities to look for in a comfort shawl are listed and discussed in greater depth below.

Characteristics of a Giftable and Comfortable Sympathy Shawl

A few of the crucial features to look for when shopping for comfort shawls are the following:

  • Quality Fabric

A sympathy shawl is meant to provide comfort or to mimic the feel of a human hug. When choosing a shawl as a sympathy gift, check the quality of the fabric first. If you can’t verify on the make and quality of the fabric in person, make sure that you at least know the type of fabric used for the shawl. Ideally, it should feel soft to the skin. Comfort shawls, to elicit the effect of a warm embrace, typically possess a certain thickness and substantial feel. 

  • Ideal Size

To be truly comfortable, a comfort shawl has to be sizeable enough to cover the upper part of the body and part of the lower extremities. Some shawls can be soft and luxurious to the touch, but may fall short in size, literally. As much as possible, go for shawls that come in a comfortable, enveloping size. 

  • Neutral Color

One important style rule when purchasing a new item of clothing is to make sure that it complements existing items in your present wardrobe. Since you are buying the sympathy shawl for someone else, it could be best to choose a shawl that comes in a neutral color. This way, your recipient will find it easier to mix and match outfits with the shawl, whether at home or on a day out.

Do You Need to Include a Sympathy Card with Your Sympathy Shawl?

While there is no rule that says you should hand over your sympathy gift along with a sympathy card, a little personal note surely won’t hurt. There are sympathy shawls that come with comforting spiritual quotes or a small card where you can write a brief message. If the comfort shawl doesn’t have this, you can include your own note along with the gift or write a short message of comfort on the gift card itself.

You may also include the shawl as part of a sympathy care package, along with books (on healing after a great personal loss), a box of tea, or a few scented candles. On days when your bereaved friend simply wants to stay indoors s/he can put on the shawl, read a good book, and enjoy a warm cup of tea.

Visit the Comfort Company for Meaningful Sympathy Gifts and Shawls

Flowers and cards are among the most common remembrance tokens to send to someone in grief. If you’re looking for a more practical alternative, however, sympathy shawls are a great choice.

Not all shawls, however, can be great as sympathy gifts. What you need is one that provides the warmth of a hug on days when feelings of grief and loss are a challenge to handle alone.

If you’re on the search for the perfect sympathy shawl as a remembrance token, visit the Comfort Company today.

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