With the year almost drawing to a close, the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is also fast approaching.

Specifically, the observance of Thanksgiving is meant to commemorate what has been a fruitful and blessed year. Families and friends gather together to pray, give thanks, and feast over home cooked platters of goodness.

For bereaved individuals, however, this season can be a bittersweet time in their lives. While others are lifting their prayers of thanksgiving and hope, a grieving parent or spouse is still possibly reeling from their heart-shattering loss.

What you can do as a thoughtful friend or family member is to have your presence and companionship felt at this time. If you worry about saying the wrong things, you can always communicate your love through a sympathy gift.

Here we have outlined a few sympathy gift suggestions to give to someone in this season of praise and thanks.

Thanksgiving-Themed Sympathy Gifts

This list serves to give you a few worthwhile Thanksgiving gift suggestions to someone who has recently experienced a loss.  

  • A Gourmet Food Basket

There are different types of food baskets ideal for the season of thanks. You may pick your choice among gourmet cheeses and breads, a cheese and wine basket, deli and sausages, or a dessert basket. Easy-to-prepare selections are ideal especially if the recipient no longer has the energy or time to devote to extensive preparations. 

  • A Comfort/Sympathy Shawl

November is one of the colder months of the year in many countries, especially for cultures that commemorate Thanksgiving. Whether for staying indoors or for traveling to a Thanksgiving holiday destination, a sympathy shawl or wrap can be practical and handy. If you’re giving this especially as a remembrance token, you may want to add a personalized card or message along with your gift.

  • A Box of Chocolates

Almost any mood can be buoyed up by a box of chocolates. Whether you’re gifting your friend with a box of decadent dark chocolates, creamy whites, or a variety of classic and creative chocolate flavors, you are also giving them a semblance of happiness in a box. 

  • A Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts are great to give to someone especially close to you. The list of creative, do-it-yourself gifts is almost endless. From scrapbooks and DIY jewelry to a personalized garden memorial or a knitted wrap, these custom-made items can all serve as worthwhile holiday tokens.

Is It Okay to Give Home-Cooked Meals as Thanksgiving Gifts?

As long as the gift is being sent with sincerity and love, there can be nothing wrong with sending cooked meals such as salads and casseroles as Thanksgiving gifts. In fact, a hearty, cooked meal can be one of the best gifts you can possibly send to a bereaved individual or an entire family.

In the days or week after the funeral, immediate family members may neither have the time nor the energy to resume their lives as they know it. A home-cooked meal such as pastas, casseroles, or savory dishes will not only be appreciated as part of a Thanksgiving feast, they are also practical gifts for the tired and the bereaved.

Visit the Comfort Company to Find Sympathy Gifts Perfect for the Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving is a time of prayer and gratitude, a season for families to come together and count their blessings.

If you know someone who is presently grieving in this season of thanks, sending them a sympathy gift is one of the warmest gestures you can make.

The important thing is to choose a remembrance token that will be meaningful for the holidays. To view a selection of sympathy gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas, drop by at the Comfort Company here.

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