Losing a beloved pet is one of the most difficult things a pet parent has to deal with. But beyond the initial feelings of loss and bereavement, any pet parent also has to face several practical concerns. Perhaps the most important of these concerns is deciding what to do with the pet’s remains after death.

Choosing pet memorials and pet sympathy gifts that serve to commemorate the life of a most beloved companion is important. What is just as important, however, is choosing the final resting place of a wonderfully cherished pet.

Pet Memorials and Resting Places: Cremation or Burial?

Two common options to consider after losing a pet are burial and cremation. Like many other choices, both have their pros and cons. Before you zero in on any decision, however, it is best to make consultations with your family first. You may also want to check with your community to see if garden burials are permissible, or if there is a pet cemetery available. This way, you can opt for the pet memorial that follows community rules and befits your beloved furry friend.

If you plan to bury your pet, you have the choice to do it right in your own property or in a communal pet cemetery. Again, not all neighborhoods allow pet burials within private lots. If there are no rules against this, however, burying your pet right within your home property is a cost-effective way to memorialize your cherished companion. Pet cemeteries require you to purchase a plot of land, which means you have to pay out of pocket.  Nonetheless, this will mean having a permanent resting place for your pet that you can visit at any time.

Along with burial, cremation is another option. You may go for a private or exclusive cremation, which is generally more expensive, or a communal cremation which means your pet will be incinerated along with other animals. The decision usually boils down to your personal or a family choice. If you have plans for a pet memorial whereby you intend to place your pet’s ashes in an urn, choosing to go for exclusive cremation is recommended.

How to Memorialize a Beloved Pet

Whether you have chosen a grave for your pet or an urn where you can place their ashes, you still have other ways in remembering them by. If you have buried your pet, for instance, you may put up a garden memorial in their remembrance. You may place a memorial marker or a memorial stone right within their final resting place. If you want to be more unique, you may put up a memorial bench or an engraved fountain instead.

As for your pet’s cremated remains (cremains), placing them inside a pet urn is just one option. Another alternative is to place a part of the cremains within a special compartment in a piece of cremation jewelry, such as within a pendant or a ring. Often, these ashes are encased tightly and are not externally visible anywhere on the jewelry piece. This way, you will have a part of your beloved pet with you no matter where you may be. Due to their customization features, these jewelry items also make thoughtful pet sympathy gifts to bereaved friends and colleagues.

Gifting Pet Sympathy Gifts to a Grieving Pet Parent

Sometimes, it may be your friend or colleague who loses a wonderful canine or feline companion. To communicate your love and concern during this difficult time, you can send them pet sympathy gifts. Depending on whether they have opted for burial or cremation, you may gift them with pet memorial stones, memorial markers, or pet urns. Pet memorial jewelry and other items like key chains and frames also make wonderful, travel-friendly gifts.

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