Every day, American soldiers risk their lives to preserve the safety, security, and liberty of the nation and its people. Unfortunately, not every soldier who braves the warfront goes back home to be reunited with loved ones. Many of them die while serving the country and preserving the rights of American people.

If someone you know has recently lost a loved one in service to the country, you can show your gratitude and sympathy in many ways. Sending flowers and a card to communicate your love and compassion is one way. Another means is to send a thoughtful veteran memorial gift that they can keep with them for a long time.

Sympathy Gifts: Why We Need to Honor our Heroes

When we think of our soldiers as brave, young heroes, it’s easy to forget that they are human beings, too. We can easily mistake their courage for immortality or trivialize their valiant efforts as paid responsibility. It doesn’t help the fact, moreover, that many of us are divided when it comes to the idea of waging wars.

Yet, there are many reasons why we should honor and continue to honor our soldiers as heroes. The gesture of sending flowers, cards, and even veteran memorial gifts to their bereaved families is already a sign of silent thanks and bestowed honor.

Three of the biggest reasons why we should give thanks to our heroes are:

  • The majority of them are unsung and unnamed. 

Not all who die in battle are given the honor they truly deserve. So many nameless soldiers lose their lives in war on a regular basis. Even those who are able to go home may remain nameless to the rest of the world. When these veterans finally leave the world, it doesn’t mean that their sacrifices and courage should also be forgotten. 

  • Their families have sacrificed so much as well. 

It’s not only the soldiers themselves who give up so much; their families have had to put up with such sacrifices as well. Most likely, your colleague has had to put up with lonely birthdays and Christmases because her husband had to be away for a couple years. Many children don’t get to see their parents for long months or years, or newlyweds can be separated by distance only days or weeks after their wedding. These little sacrifices often go unnoticed by the outside world, but their weight is felt most truly by those who go through them. 

  • Many do not return home at all. 

And yet, years of sacrifice could easily culminate in a soldier passing away on the battlefield or from complications. Some veterans do go home, but not without wounds, both physical and psychological. For many of them, this can result in a severely altered quality of life. 

Despite the many controversies wrought by war, however, our heroes and veterans deserve our love and respect. Families and friends whose loved ones have chosen to serve and die for the country deserve our sympathy and prayers in this difficult time. The simple gesture of sending a sympathy gift already speaks of our love, comfort, and gratitude.

Choosing from an Array of Veteran Memorial Gifts

These days, there’s no shortage of sympathy gifts which you can impart to bereaved friends and families of soldiers and veterans. From memorial markers and memorial benches to comfort shawls and angel figurines, the choices are almost endless. There are even religious items available, appropriate for those whose faith has been instrumental in their healing.

If you’re planning to give a veteran memorial gift to a bereaved family or colleague, we have unique items for you. We ensure that our sympathy tokens are created with the highest craftsmanship and quality. Check out our angel figurines and other sympathy gift items at the Comfort Company today.

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