Sympathy gift baskets make excellent sympathy gifts for various reasons. A few of these are practicality, convenience, and visual appeal. After losing a loved one, bereaved individuals or families may be too preoccupied to deal with daily necessities. A sympathy gift basket can offer them the food or personal care items they need. When arranged carefully, such a gift basket can be just as visually appealing as any sympathy gift.

Helpful Tips in Creating a Sympathy Gift Basket

Nowadays, you already have the option to purchase an entire gift basket from a seller. However, you can also design the contents of the sympathy gift basket which you plan on sending over. If you’re not sure which items to put in, read the following to get helpful basketing ideas.

  • Ready-to-eat goodies

Easy to pick and pack food items will come in handy during the wake and the days after it. Biscuits, cereals, cheeses, juices, and pastries are just some of the items you can include in your basket. 

  • A self-care kit

The bereaved will certainly welcome any convenient opportunity for them to rest and relax for a few hours or so. Your gift basket may come with lavender soaps, bath salts, moisturizing oils, or even a bottle of wine.

  • Gourmet food items

If you want to give a luxurious basket that goes beyond the necessities, why not pack in gourmet products instead? Cheeses, candied treats, bottles of wine, chocolates and fine biscuits will definitely make any sympathy gift basket extra special.

  • A practical basket

Practical items will never go out of style, especially during a busy, emotionally-charged time. You can make your own practical basket by including necessities such as soap, detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, toiletries, cleaning materials such as wipes, and many others. If the family has little children, you may also tuck in some child treats or a stuffed toy into your gift arrangement.

  • A little bit of everything

Some people don’t want to stick to a specific theme when handing out their own gift baskets. If you’re one of these people, you will enjoy putting together your own bespoke sympathy gift basket. You may include a comfort shawl, memorial jewelry, or a decorative item such as a wind chime in your stash. Or, perhaps, you may want to combine both gourmet and practical food items in your basket. As long as you create the basket with care, your thoughtfulness will shine through your gesture.

Other Ways to Make a Sympathy Gift Basket More Unique

Perhaps you don’t want your gift basket to appear too generic or too ‘made-up’, and you want to make it more personalized. To give your sympathy gift basket a special touch, you can spruce it up through several ways.

For example, you can choose a pretty basket and craft a unique bow to match with it. You may opt for a wicker basket, a metal container, or even a leather basket. Afterward, you can choose a theme and start placing in appropriate items. You may also add a sympathy card into the basket itself or even a sympathy gift certificate.

If you’ve been pretty close with the decedent, moreover, you may frame one of his or her photo, preferably one which the family has not yet seen. This gesture may work best with a self-care basket, or one that also contains a box of tea, a book on healing, or a few scented candles.

Visit the Comfort Company to Check out Sympathy Gift Ideas and Sympathy Care Products

When it comes to putting together a sympathy gift basket, the available options and ideas are almost limitless. The most important thing to consider is the present needs of the grieving recipient or an entire bereaved family.

More than anything, the gift basket should help them cope, no matter how minimal, with their overwhelming experience of loss. If done thoughtfully and carefully, your gesture will be remembered and appreciated for a long, long time.

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