For those who have gone through the experience, a miscarriage is often described as a rollercoaster ride that ends in the lowest of lows.

For many couples, this experience can either tear them apart or draw them closer together. It doesn’t help, too, how men can grieve very differently than women. And although the husband or partner may just be as heartbroken by the loss, it is the woman who feels the repercussions of a miscarriage physically or quite literally.

So how do husbands show their wives that they genuinely care? Is it enough for them to cry with her for one night and promptly move on from the incident?

Will the gesture of an expensive sympathy gift make everything happy and normal again?

In this blog, we discuss four important ways for husbands to care for their wives in the days following a miscarriage.

Four Crucial Ways that a Husband Can Help His Wife after a Miscarriage 

  • Be physically present 

More than saying that you love her, it is more important to show her this love by being with her in the days after the loss. Women who have miscarried may feel lonely, broken, and guilty. They may blame themselves for the incident, thinking that they have not taken enough precaution or physical care.

To remind her that she’s not alone in her grief, you can start by spending more time with her. If you can’t be with her constantly, making your presence felt is possible through a number of ways. Constant communication, for example, can bridge distance and time in an effective way.

  • Know what to say (and what not to say) 

People going through grief themselves may not be able to communicate their feelings well or as sensitively as needed. Husbands who are also reeling from the loss of an infant may find it difficult to say the right things to the bereaved wife.

Perhaps one of the most helpful things you can say to your wife is to remind her that you’re always there. You can also remind her how much you love her, and that the miscarriage did not succeed in breaking her.

And although you may be tempted to talk lightly of the situation, be sensitive enough not to say “you’ll have other babies” or that she should move on from her pain immediately because “life is still beautiful”. 

  • Make sure she’s taking care of herself 

Losing a baby in the womb can take a physical toll on a woman. After the miscarriage, your wife can feel weak and vulnerable, even depressed. One way to help your wife is to make sure that she’s eating well, resting well, and coping well.

  • Let her know of your feelings 

It can be easy for your bereaved wife to mistake your manliness and silence as strength. This can make her distance herself from you or, in worse cases, feel that you are not connected to her feelings. By letting your wife know how you feel, you are also telling her that her grief is normal and that you are in this experience together.

Can You Give Your Wife a Sympathy Gift after Her Miscarriage?

Yes, gifts can be a gesture of love, thoughtfulness, and sensitivity. After such loss, your wife will appreciate being pampered and treated in a special way. There are many miscarriage sympathy gifts available, but you can also gift her with something you know she will love. You can also treat her to a weekend holiday or a special dinner for just the two of you, if she’s one who appreciates romantic gestures.

Love: An Important Ingredient in Your Presence and Presents

A husband’s genuine presence and presents should go hand in hand when taking care of his wife after her miscarriage.

Your thoughtful sympathy gift should be a concrete manifestation of your invisible love and commitment, both of which are indispensable in this shared moment of devastation and loss.

Losing a child is something any family will not want to go through, but with genuine love and a deep connection, couples don’t need to be torn apart by this experience of loss.

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