What to Write in a Sympathy Card for Pet Loss

Pet Loss

Writing comforting messages to a friend or colleague in grief can be difficult for anyone. It can be difficult to gauge whether your message has a sincere ring to it or already comes across as patronizing or insensitive. When writing in a sympathy card for pet loss, the difficulty persists. After all, what do you … Read More

Memorial Jewelry vs Cremation Ash Jewelry

Sympathy Gifts

One of the most popular items meant to honor a deceased love one is memorial jewelry, which can also come in a more specific type: cremation ash jewelry. Although both jewelry types are highly similar, they are often brought and worn for specifically different reasons. In this blog, we will identify the qualities that run … Read More

Qualities to Look for in a Bereavement Counselor

Grieving Resources

Bereaved individuals may enter into an experience of grief known as complicated grief, the manifestations of which can be similar to depression. If a bereaved friend or family member begins to exhibit signs of complicated grief or depression, it may be time to start looking for a bereavement counselor. But how do you help a … Read More