Picking the Best Memorial Gift for a Grieving Sibling

Sympathy Tips

Do you have a sibling that lost someone close to them and is struggling through a hard time? If so, providing comfort and support to your grieving sibling might be one of your top priorities. But how do you best do that? Aside from being there and listening as they express their feelings, sending a … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about Bereavement and Grief

Grieving Resources

The grief and bereavement process can be very complex and convoluted. Complicated feelings and emotions arise when someone loses a loved one and it’s understandable that questions arise. What is grief? How long will my grief last? How can I help a grieving friend or family member? Will bereavement counseling help me process grief? These … Read More

Pet Memorial Urns: A Few Tips

Gift Recommendations

Losing a pet is losing a member of the family. Pets provide us so much love and laughter during their lifetimes and even when they tear through the house with muddy paws or shred a pillow or two, you can’t help but love them when they curl up in your lap after. Losing them can … Read More

Memorial Windchimes: Selecting the Best Quality

Gift Recommendations

Losing a loved one is never easy. It can feel like your whole world is collapsing around you. When someone you know and care about loses someone close to them, it’s understandable that you want to reach out and do whatever you can to help them through the bereavement process. You want to avoid doing … Read More

The Best Mother’s Day Gift: A Guide

Gift Recommendations

This Mother’s Day, why not get mom a gift that she can truly cherish? Flowers and a card are certainly a nice gesture, but there are so many sentimental, inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts you can get to show your mom how much you really care. Choosing the right Mother’s Day gift can be difficult, but … Read More