Addressing Sympathy Cards: Useful Etiquette Rules

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Sympathy cards are a great way for you to show love and empathy to grieving family and friends. However, how do you appropriately address sympathy cards? Will it be necessary, for instance, to include your colleague’s spouse in the address? Also, when is the right time to send out the cards?  To Whom Should You … Read More

Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Parent

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When a child loses a parent, it can be extremely devastating. One of the people—sometimes the only person—they relied on is gone and they are forced to deal with the ramifications.   How do I help my child after the loss of their other parent? Is there a right way and a wrong way to approach the … Read More

Signs That a Loved One Might Need Bereavement Counseling

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Losing someone is always difficult. There are emotions unleashed that people are not used to dealing with and questions that arise that they are forced to grapple with. While there is no set timeline on the grieving process, sometimes people are not able to work through it on their own. You should never insist that … Read More

Talking About Bereavement Counseling To A Friend

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When someone passes away, our emotional responses can be extremely strong. Feelings of grief can often be overwhelming and often we don’t know how to process what we’re feeling. If you know someone who is struggling with processing their grief, it might be helpful to speak with them about seeking external help through a bereavement … Read More

Pet Loss: Guide to Giving the Perfect Sympathy Gift

Pet Loss

When someone loses a pet, it can feel like losing a member of the family. The furry ball of energy that woke them up in the morning with sloppy puppy kisses is gone. The friendly feline that would curl up on their lap on a rainy day and nap for hours is gone. The running … Read More

Is Grief Healing Possible for Everyone?

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When a life is lost it most often leaves a wake of devastation in its path. Children struggling with the loss of a parent, spouses trying to fathom life without their soulmate, parents, siblings, and friends trying to find peace with a crushing loss. The path to acceptance is never easy. In fact, the grieving process is … Read More

Debunking Sympathy Gift Myths

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When a loved one is dealing with the death of someone close to them it can be hard to watch them struggle. There are many ways to provide support during this time, but you don’t want to go about it the wrong way. Sending sympathy gifts can be intimidating because there is certain “etiquette” that … Read More

Miscarriage Gifts: Do’s and Don’ts

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A miscarriage can be one of the hardest things that a couple ever has to endure. The excitement of having a baby vanishes in an instant and they are left to deal with the painful reality of life without their precious little one. When we know a loved one that is going through a miscarriage, … Read More