Helping a Grieving Friend in the Workplace

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Supporting a grieving friend at work can be a difficult situation. We have to balance our professional and personal lives and often we’re not sure what the right way to help them is. We struggle with offering our grieving friend help and giving them space to process their grief. Knowing the right thing to do … Read More

Denial – What Happens When Grief is Not Expressed

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We all process loss differently. There are five stages of grief, but we work through them at different paces, in different orders, and experience them in different intensities. Losing a loved one can create an intense wave of emotions that often feel overwhelming. Losing a spouse, parent, child or sibling can be devastating. We find … Read More

10 Ways Hypnosis for Grief and Loss Can Help You

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Losing a loved one can be an extremely trying time. Experiencing overwhelming emotion and grief is only natural when you lose someone. You accept your sympathy gifts for friends and try to lean on your surviving loved ones, but sometimes the intense hurt is too much. The grief can be overwhelming and you find yourself … Read More

Do I Need Bereavement Counseling?

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The death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult things we experience in life. Humans form intense, emotional bonds and the loss of someone we care deeply for can be intensely emotional and draining. Having the comfort of friends and family is paramount, but sometimes you need support that goes beyond … Read More

How To Write A Sympathy Note For A Distant Friend

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Of all the notes you write in your lifetime, sympathy notes are arguably the toughest to sit down and pen. It’s common for you to worry about finding the right words or saying the wrong thing. It can often be awkward talking about a serious matter, but your words can really bring comfort during a … Read More

Cubby Comfort Bear is Getting a Facelift and Mission!


We’ve been selling our Cubby Comfort Bear for a number of years now to help comfort kids who are grieving and recently I decided that he needed a bigger mission than he has now! We are creating a new Cubby Bear from the scratch and he will be reintroduced (hopefully by the end of the … Read More